How do I setup my AOL Mail on iPhone?

how to setup Aol mail on iphone

Get details to setup your AOL Mail on iPhone devices !!


User of AOL emails can also set up Aol mail account on iPhone devices by simply following the steps that are mentioned in this article. By setting up the account on iPhone the user can send and receive their AOL emails on their device itself and can be connected with the messages.



Therefore, to Setup AOL mail on iPhone there are certain steps that needs to be followed by the user. For this they require their AOL email address and also its password for the configuration process.


Hence, the steps for set up AOL mail account  on iPhone are :


  • To set up AOL email on iPhone, firstly the user need to go to the home screen of their iPhone.


  • Then they should select on the settings menu on their iPhone devices.


  • Users then need to click on mail, contacts and calendar menu and from there they are required to select on add account menu.


  • User further need to select on their email account type and should go to the next step.


  • Now the user is supposed to go to the mail menu and under it they need to click on add mail account.


  • User then need to enter the information details.


  • In the name option enter the name by which the user needs their account to be.


  • In the address enter the AOL email address correctly.


  • In the password, the AOL email password should be entered.


  • In the description, user can enter any description if needed.


  • Now the user is supposed to select on IMAP and should enter the details of incoming mail server.


  • Hostname should be


  • Username should be the AOL email address.


  • Password should be the account’s password.


  • Now go to the outgoing mail server and enter :

          Hostname should be

          Username should be AOL email address.

          Password should be the account’s password.



  • Lastly, select on save and the user then can access their AOL mails from iphone.


Therefore, these steps will enable the user to setup AOL mail on iPhone easily. These steps are quite simple to follow but the user should be careful while entering the details for the manual configuration. All the details should be mentioned in the correct way so that no problem is faced by the user while accessing their AOL email on iphone devices.



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