iOS versions and its features

Quick information on types of iOS versions along with astonishing features :-

One of the proficient operating system that effectively run on iphone, ipad , ipod touch is iOS. Have a quick look on types of version along with key features of the same in swift manner.


iOS 1

It was the first version of software that was released in September 2007. Some of the attributes of iOS include:

1.      Multitouch interface

2.      Safari browser

3.      Musicapp

4.      Voice mail



iOS 2

It was one of the profound change in apple store as it lead to improvement in app store and introduction of improved google maps app.



iOS 3

Its final version was released in Aug 2010. Its added feature include copy and paste, spotlight search, MMS support in error free manner.



iOS 4

It was one of the change in apple world as this version was compatible to any of apple device. Some of the important features are

1.      Airplay

2.      Facetime

3.      Ibook

4.      Airprint

5.      Personal hotspot



iOS 5

With this version, iphone3G was supported in remarkable manner.It include icloud, imessage, notification center along with wireless syncing and activation in robust manner.



iOS 6

With the outstanding revolutionary technology, lead to introduction of siri. In this version user can procure iOS toll free number some latest feature which are do not disturb option, wallet along with accurate apple maps.



iOS 7

It was released in September 2013. It was support in iphone 4 and 4sversion. Innovative features that came into play include activation lock,airdrop, car play, touch id and control center.



iOS 8

One of the consistent and perfect version. With remarkable improvement in icloud , user can even look for apple music, apply pay , handoff, family sharing, iclouddrive, homekit in proper manner.



iOS 9

To solidify foundation of apple products, launch of iOS 9 version came into effect which has bigger improvement in performance of system in swift manner. Features include night shift, low power mode and public beta program to facilitate iOS customer.



iOS 10

With major theme of interpretability and customization, iOS 10 was released in September 2016 which let user to delete built in application to new animation and text message in swift manner.



iOS 11

One of the latest and advance version of iOS which main aim is to turn ipad pro series into laptop replacement for users in cost effective manner. It has changed the world with some of the interesting features which may include new drag and drop support, split screen, apple pencil for and writing along with augmented reality in remarkable manner.



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