Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Features..!!

Samsung as we all are aware is one of the best brand for electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, printers, laptops and many more. But, if we talk about the most credible and the most utilized product then it is Samsung mobile devices that are available in the market. Samsung has launched several mobile in the recent years but the latest mobile that Samsung has launched is the Samsung Galaxy S8. This device was launched in the market on 28 April 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the updated version phone that has all the new available features and tools for the utilization. There are many new additions to this phone that are really good to use. Some of the new additions to this mobile devices are mentioned below.

  • The screen of this phone are a bit larger in size as compared to the old Samsung galaxy mobile devices.
  • The body of this phone are taller and in curved shapes from the side.
  • A face recognition feature has also been added to this phone.
  • A new virtual assistant named as Bixby is also included.
  • There is also a docking station by which the phones can easily be connected with the computer for further work.
  • This phone is also made water resistant so that any damage can be easily prevented.

On the other hand if the users want to know more about the new additions and features of this phone then the users can directly dial the Samsung Toll Free Number and can get all the necessary details within no time. The number can be dialed at any time of the day so that the users can instantly know about it and can decide for buying it.

Despite of all these useful and new features there are many drawbacks of this phone because of which the users face several issues while working on it. So, given below are some of the disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S8 :

  • The battery of this phone is 3000 mAh that is really not enough for such a wonderful as well as powerful phone. Users face lots of issues related to the fast consumption of the battery of this phone.
  • The fingerprint reader feature is just next to the camera icon that is hard to reach for the users.
  • There are also various applications in this phone that is unwanted and are of no use as such. These are inbuilt and can’t be deleted. This also affects the battery life of this device and creates issues in the phone.

Therefore, these are some of the cons of this mobile that is affecting the credibility and the usefulness of the phone. Apart from this, the users can even contact the Samsung Customer Service for any assistance regarding the Samsung galaxy S8 devices.


How to Reset iTunes Password?

Follow these steps to reset iTunes password instantly and easily !!

The users of Apple devices can make the best use of the iTunes for downloading, saving and listening to songs on their devices. For accessing iTunes, the users just need to have their iTunes email address and also a password so as to sign in. But there are times when the users forgot iTunes password and have issues signing in to it.


So, for this purpose the best solution is to Reset Iphone with the resetting steps that the users can get from the official site of Apple. On the other hand, the users can also follow the password resetting steps for itunes and can get their password reset.


  • First of all the users are required to go to the sign in page of itunes.


  • There the users are supposed to select on forgot Apple ID or password option that is mentioned there.


  • Now in the Apple ID option, the users are required to enter their Apple ID or user name correctly in the required space.


  • Then, in the password option the users are required to leave that space blank.


  • Once the users have entered their Apple ID they can reset the password either by the email authentication process or even by answering the security questions.


  • If the users have chosen the email authentication option then they’ll get a verification code on their alternate email address that is associated with the users iTunes account.


  • The users the should go to that email address and further select on the verification link.


  • Follow the verification link and further reset the password easily by following the onscreen instructions.


  • Besides, if the users have chosen the security question option then they have to answer some of the questions related to their account so as to get their password resetted.


Therefore, these above mentioned steps will enable the users to reset their forgot iTunes password instantly. The steps mentioned should be provided correctly so as to complete the whole resetting steps. So that the users can access it further.


If by chance the users face any issue or are having any queries related to these steps then they can simply contact to Apple customer care phone number, and can seek help and assistance from them. The concerned representatives will provide the best of answers to each and every issues faced by the users.


How to Save and Improve iPhone Battery Life?

Numerous clients who moved up to iOS 10 or simply get another iPhone 7 grumble that their iPhone or iPad battery depleting quick, even can’t endure the day without charging. This issue can likewise happen to a few clients in the wake of refreshing to iOS 11 or on their new iPhone 8. Here we gather the main 16 iPhone iPad battery sparing tips for you with the goal that you can tackle your iPhone iPad battery issues and influence it to last more. Also, this post is suit for every one of the models of iPhone and iPad, including the old iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, the new iPhone 7/6/6s/SE, and the up and coming iPhone 8.

Tips to save  iphone battery life:-

  • To  improve your Iphone battery life you have to first check which installed app in you phone consume more battery for that

            1)   Go to settings app

            2)   Then tap on battery option

            3)    Then scroll down to see which app consumed more battery in last few hours

  • You have to recollect these iPhone  battery drainers, and we will contemplate them when performing few operations. For instance, Facebook eats up almost 33% battery of your iPhone, you can close Facebook’s Background Refresh, or close its warning, and so on.


  • To  make your battery work  more efficiently you can enable the option of low power mode which blinks automatically when the battery reaches to 20%,but you can manually also change the the option before 20% to improve your battery .


  • You can also turn off background refresh option for apps you don’t use frequently this will save your battery


  • It is very necessary to clear the junk data from your Iphone. The store and disconnected records incorporate pictures, previews, video/sound media data, and so on., which are made to accelerate documents get to briefly. In any case, after some time they may possess more than 1 Gigabyte space preposterously. Each time starting an App, you need to sit tight for quite a while to give it a chance to stack these information. Amid that time frame, there more power I consumed.


  • You can also adjust the brightness to save your battery ,when not in use you can reduce the brightness.


  • Iphone users should keep their background close to save their battery


  • To save your battery one should put your iphone on auto lock mode because even if we are not using our phone the screen remains on and it consumes battery


  • IPhone Location benefit enables your phone to know where you are and give your correct driving headings, give that data to applications that assistance you to discover eateries, and then some. In any case, similar to any administration that sends information over a system, it needs battery energy to work. In case you’re not utilizing Location Services, and don’t plan to utilize it immediately, turn them off and spare some power.




How to Update Android Phone?

Android device is the most popular and widely used device across the globe. Its open source and ease to use feature makes it one of the most favorite devices. Every day you will find news of Android, tests, taken in hand, analyzes, records and many more. You should check for updates on android phones. Most android devices support Near Field Communication (NFC), which allows devices to get connected easily across short distances. The main aim is to create a simpler payment option and also Android support installation of multiple keyboards. The operating system also supports a built-in infrared transmission, allowing the use of phone or tablet as a remote control. Using the Android apps, users can control their phones. The Tasker app lets the control of app permissions with proper automation.


Android widgets let you display just about any option you choose and they have custom Home Screens. Android operating system is open source and the developers can tweak the current OS. It is very important to update/upgrade the Android OS for its effective use and it also offers a host of options not found in comparable mobile operating systems.


Here are the Steps to Manually Upgrade/Update the Android device over the Air –

  • Swipe down from top of the screen and tap the Wi-Fi button to connect to the device.


  • Open the device settings by clicking on the gear icon.


  • Move down and tap ‘About Devices’.


  • Next tap ‘Update’ and depending on the version of Android you are using, read ‘Software Update’ or ‘System Firmware Update’.


  • Now tap on ‘Check for Updates’ and your device will search for the available system updates.


  • Tap ‘Update’ and the button will appear at the top of the menu.


  • Finally click on ‘Install’ which might read ‘Reboot and Install’ or ‘Install System Software’.


  • Wait till the installation is complicated and the phone will automatically reboot as the installation finishes.


Are you looking to update the Android apps automatically? Here are the steps to update the apps on the Android device –


  • On the Android device, open the Google Play Store app.


  • Now tap ‘Menu’ and click on ‘Settings’.


  • Next tap on the option ‘Auto-update apps’.


  • Select an option out of ‘Auto update apps at any time’ and ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’.


Check & update the Android version on the device. Contact the Android support experts to take assistance from the support experts. These technical experts diagnose the problem remotely and provide instant solutions. They will provide the latest updates for the Android OS and provides the appropriate version of OS for the device.


How to Recover Lost Data From Android?

Mistakenly you may have deleted the data which may be of important for you. Users need not worry as there is a simple procedure through which users can recover lost data from android. Data recovery can either be done by consulting the immensely qualified and skilled technicians who have been offering best services in the market all through the day and all through the year. There is also a manual procedure through which users can resolve such issue and error. This has been developed by the developers of android. So it is a sure sort method through which the issue can be resolved. So just move down the tutorial to get the step by step procedure to resolve the issue.


Steps to recover lost data from android:


Step 1: Users can first of all connect their android phone to their PC with a USB cable that they must have got with their phone at the time of purchasing.


Step 2: Users will now need to allow for USB Debugging which is different for all the versions of android.


Step 3: Users can next choose the file types to recover which could be contact and messages and media files and after having done that they can click on Next.


Step 4: Users will now need to analyze their device and get the privilege to scan files which they can do by touching on Allow/Grant/Authorize.


Step 5: Users can finally preview and recover lost files from android and then they can click on Recover to complete the process. In any case if users are facing issues in android data recovery then they can immediately consult the immensely qualified and skilled technicians and get their issues and queries resolved.

How to recover data from android internal memory?

If you have deleted the file from your internal memory then there is a simple procedure through which users can recover data from the android internal memory. Again as mentioned above there are two ways through which users can start with the recovery procedure. One is through direct consultation from the immensely qualified and skilled technicians who have years of rigorous experience in troubleshooting technical issues of android. The other way is the manual procedure which can be followed by the users at any point of time to get one stop solution for any of the issue or error. This is beneficial for the users who have sound knowledge in the technical domain. So let us move on through the step by step procedure through which the issue can be easily resolved.


Steps to recover data from android internal memory:


Step 1: Users can first of all connect their android phone to their PC with a USB cable that they must have got with their phone at the time of purchasing.


Step 2: Users will now need to scan their android phone so that they can get the list of deleted or lost files.


Step 3: Users can finally preview and recover data from Android phone internal memory by clicking on the Recover button.


Step 4: Users can now open their files which they have recovered so that they can enjoy uninterrupted services. In any case if users are facing issues in android data recovery then they can immediately consult the immensely qualified and skilled technicians and get their issues and queries resolved.


How to Fix Macbook that Battery Won’t Charging?

MacBook has all the latest functionalities and features. But at certain point of time MacBook users face the problem of slow charging or no charging which can be really annoying. After all, one of the most important features of a laptop is that it can be used anywhere, sitting at distant places where charging is difficult. But now if the device faces charging troubles that can be really frustrating for the users. There can be various reasons behind the problem and this article will provide all the latest steps to solve the problem.

Firstly user needs to check the basic on the Macbook. Here are the things to check on the system –

  • Check whether the MacBook is plugged in or not? Make sure that the MagSafe connection is plugged into the laptop.
  • Now check whether the Apple adapter connected together properly or not? The laptop adapters are available in two different parts, the square adapter and a removable plug that is connected to the wall. Pull the parts apart and put them back again.
  • Check whether the laptop is plugged correctly into the socket? Also, whether the socket is working properly is not? Try using a different socket for charging. All these are basic checking and needs to be done properly.
  • Now check the MagSafe connection on the Apple laptop for dust. It might prevent the MagSafe connector from making a clean connection to the MAC. It stops the device from charging correctly.
  • Is the Mac book pro not charging? In the menu bar click on the battery icon. Now if it says Service Battery, then user needs to replace the battery for the device.

Check the Settings of the Laptop to fix the Problem

Is your MacBook losing its charge frequently? Check whether the settings is n’t draining the battery. Open up the ‘System Preferences’ and then choose ‘Settings’. Now choose the option of ‘Energy Saver’ and check whether the Computer Sleep and Display Sleep sliders are on the side side of the window. Reset them by clicking on the ‘Default’ button.

Try out the troubleshooting steps to fix the battery charging issues with the MacBook –

  • First reset the battery. If the user is having an older laptop with a removable battery, then remove it first and then re-insert it again onto the device.
  • Also resetting of SMC (System Management Controller) can help the battery and power related issues.

Still facing the problem of Macbook battery is not charging? Contact the technical experts to get the advanced troubleshooting steps for the problem. Support expert diagnoses the reason behind the problem and provides exact solution. Find instant solutions to the Macbook issues with easy solutions from the technical support team.

How do I Fix My iPhone Bluetooth Not Working?

Is user frustrated with recurring activity of enabling and disabling Bluetooth and still it seems to fail. In order to resolve the error of  Iphone Bluetooth is not working, user can look down on set of instructions that has been described below:

– User is required to check that Bluetooth on iphone has been turned on

– User is required to confirm that Bluetooth accessories and iOS devices are compatible to each other

– User is required to disable bluetooth on device and restart iphone once again

– User is required to repair device in error free manner

      1. Tap on setting option

      2. Moving to next step, tap on Bluetooth option

      3. Now user is required to select the device on which my Bluetooth is

      not working.

     4. User is required to tap on info option available next to device

     5. User is required to tap on forget this device option

     6. Moving to next step, user is required to surely check that Bluetooth accessory      is turn on and connected to power

     7. Moving to next step, user is required to unpair device and put them in                  discovery mode

      8. Once done, pair and connect once again

– Moving to next step, user is required to reset network setting

      1. Tap on setting option

     2. Moving next , tap on general option

     3. Finally tap on reset option and then on reset network setting option

For further magnificent solution, user can get in touch with support team to get remarkable assistance in significant manner. Place call 24/7 on Iphone toll free number to get valuable assistance today.


How can you fix IPhone touch screen not working?

Every gadget lover dreams to own IPhone one day in his/her lifetime which is a very big responsibility of a user to look after it. Greater the amount of the phone more is the responsibility to look after it since expensive gadgets are way more delicate and require a lot of care especially the screen of the phone. Usually, the phone screen is prone to water and physical damage hence if the screen comes in contact of either of two there are huge chances of the screen getting ruined. And for getting it, especially IPhone it might cost you fortune. Apparently there are several reasons of IPhone touch screen not working therefore refer to the below points for more reference.

It is very common to feel when your iPhone touch screen is not working. You use your iPhone for various things like making call, taking pictures and much more. It can be more irritates if you need to do an important work. Most of the users feel tensed when they face any screen related problem in their iPhone because they don’t have enough knowledge to fix these things. Are you one among those? Read this article and learn how to resolve iPhone touch screen not working issues within simple steps which are given below:

Reset iPhone to Factory Settings-

  • First of all, open the Settings of your iPhone 6 plus.
  • Tap on the General.
  • Tap on the Reset and then tap on the Reset All Settings.
  • Now it will be asked to enter your iPhone passcode and then enter the passcode.
  • After that, tap on the Reset All Settings to reset your iPhone to its original factory settings.

Clean your iPhone screen-

  • First of all, unplug your iPhone from the power source and then switch it off before cleaning.
  • Now take a clean and soft cloth and then wipe your screen very smoothly.
  • Don’t press the screen too hard and never uses any cleaners directly to clean the iPhone.
  • Remove any screen protector or safety case
    If you use any screen protector or safety case to protect your iPhone screen? Then remove it.

Sometimes iPhone do not detect the fingers due to the use of these accessories. After that, verify does your iPhone screen working properly or not?

Restore your iPhone as new –

  •  Open your web browser on your computer and then go to
    Sign in to your iCloud account and then click on Find My Iphone.
  • Now click on the All Devices and then choose your iPhone that you want to erase.
  • Click on the Erase iPhone and then confirm the action.
  • After that, connect your iPhone to your computer and then open iTunes.

Now click on your iPhone icon which is available at the top side of the iTunes and then click on the Restore iPhone.
Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.
After applying the above mentioned instructions, you can easily fix your iPhone screen related problem within simple manner.

Reasons behind IPhone touch screen not working:

  1. Usually screen of Smartphone stops responding to touch if there is both physical and internal damage.
  2. Talking about physical damage, a mobile screen will stop working your phone falls from height and screen crashes
  3. Screen can even disappear if water enters your screen
  4. In case dirt or dust particle enters or virus detected in device can also cause screen not responding

Hence all the above points are the most common reasons why IPhone screen stops working which can b fixed by below methods.

Methods to fix IPhone touch screen not working:

  1. If touch screen of phone freezes all of a sudden firstly try to long press the power button and re boot it
  2. In case it still does not respond then try doing phone reset which might fix the issue by closing all the programs running in the background
  3. Maybe there is an issue with your hardware if your screen still hasn’t responded. Hence try consulting with any IPhone repair center and get device checked from within
  4. Try getting your phone in contact with water

And hence you can try all the above hacks for unresponsive IPhone screen and get it fixed, Moreover in case of any doubt or query contact customer support.


How To Fix Macbook Pro Bluetooth not working?

Macbook Pro is one of the wonderful devices of Apple Inc that is used by the billions of users across the globe. Macbook is well known for its error-free security features but sometimes users face difficulties while using their Macbook Pro Bluetooth that won’t working. If you are facing Macbook Pro Bluetooth not working problem in your Macbook, then go through the below steps to fix this problem:

  • First of all, open the Finder on your Mac and then tap on the GO section.
  • Tap on the Go to Folder.
  • Now type Library/Preferences into the given box and then tap on the Go tab.
  • Now find the and then right click on it and then choose Move to Trash.
  • After that, reboot your Mac and then your system will generate new Bluetooth files.

Does your iPad’s Bluetooth not working? Then don’t be tensed. You can easily fix this problem with the help of below steps:

  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone and then tap on the Bluetooth. Now toggle Bluetooth icon off and after few seconds turns it on.
  • Restart your iPhone. For this, press and hold the sleep button for a few second. After that, drag the slider and then press and hold the slider again until you see the Apple logo. Now try to use Bluetooth.

How Do I Setup New Mac?

We would like to congratulate you for the new device. It is a great
thing that you got a MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro. But you
don’t know how to configure it. It’s okay, here we will help you to
setup your new Mac, and all you have to do is just following the
instruction and pay some attention. To know, how to set up Mac, the
first thing you are supposed to do is to hit the power button. It will
power up your Computer.


1. You will be asked about the preferred language by the appeared


2. Select your [Preferred Language] and click [Continue].


3. Select a keyboard layout and click [Continue].


4. Choose your [WI-FI network], and enter [Password].


5. Go for Ethernet cable if you don’t have a WI-FI network.


6. Here, you can Transfer your information from an old Mac or PC
to your new computer.


7. Select the Option [Not Now] if you don’t want to transfer your
old information to your new Computer.


8. [Enable] location services.


9. Now you have to make a sign in with your Apple ID.


10. Choose iCloud and Apps Store iTunes service which is essential if
you have owned a Mac.


11. Select the [Agree] button in Term and Conditions page


12. Set up [iCloud] and select [Continue].


13. Also, set up your Messaging.


14. Select [iCould For Find My Mac].


15. Create your Computer Account, type Full name, Account Name, and


16. Select your [Time Zone] and hit [Continue].


17. Register your Product now.


18. Congratulations! You have done with it.