How to Set Up Google Play On iPhone?

Striving to use Google play on your iPhone but failed? Easy tutorial helps you:

Google play is known as the widest Android market of the applications. It is largest digital distribution service operated and developed by the Google Corporation. Google play most of the time serves the official app store for an Android operating system which allows users to browse and download the applications developed with the Android software kit and it published by the Google Company.


In addition to this, it also serves the Google music store (digital media) offering music, magazines, books and television programs as well. Google play is synonymous of the downloading multiple apps at ease. And it is pretty easy to download and install on various devices like iPhone, iPad, iOS and much more. If you are one of the users of iPhone and feel like to install Google play, you need to follow the same procedure as you usually do on an android phone.


But most of the time it is a little bit confused in installing and configuring procedure on an iPhone device. Actually, procedures are the same but according to the device, software is not competent to complete the procedure perfectly. But for sure believe we will help you by many ways and provide you with the actual and simple methods to fix occurring issue unexpected while using Google play store on an iPhone device.


But there is the solution to remove this confusion and provide you with the best tutorial use Google play on an iPhone device. All you need to do is just look up on the steps attentively and fix the issue yourself.



Here are the ways pointed down on How to setup Google play on iPhone: 


· Start on your iPhone device and then go to the settings gear icon showing on the left side of the page.


· Go to the Apple store and then first download the Google app in the device and install it properly.


· Having installed the app go to the Google play that offers music option to download the more songs in the device.


· Tap on the get app and then enter the Apple ID and password then tap on the sign in button.


· Enter the description and then you need to enter the right password for the selected email account like Gmail or outlook to proceed to download the apps and other necessary things.


· You can even install Google chrome in order to navigate the website that allows using a various email account to configure and use.



Looking quick help for How to set up google play on iPhone? 


Thus, you can use Google play on iPhone for the multiple purposes and can make your life tremendously digital. So, use the Google play on your device you are the user of iPhone or Android. In the meantime, if you face any issue while doing so setup google play on iPhone, you are required to get in touch with customer service engineers who will guide you right things to do and thus fix the issue in a very short span of the time.

How to setup Hotmail account on iPhone 6?

Hotmail Account on iPhone –

Hotmail is one of the world’s fastest email services provided by the Microsoft.The process of Hotmail account setup is not a big deal but there are lots of users who are unaware from such things. In case you are a profound user of Hotmail and are completely reliable on it then there is some good news for you. Recently Hotmail has got an update for the users through which they can easily set up Hotmail on iPhone. There could be many of the users who may be facing difficulties during the setup Hotmail account on iPhone many times. But that shouldn’t be a concern at all as for such users there are immensely qualified and skilled technicians who can easily get the set up of Hotmail account. But in any case if you think you can get the things done of your own then there is also a manual procedure or the step by step procedure which can be anytime followed by the users to set up Hotmail on iPhone. In case you have messed up the things when following the below mentioned tutorial then stay tension free and seek direct assistance from some of the best technicians in the market who are available all through the day and all through the year.


Have you recently purchased a new iPhone 6? But don’t know how to access Hotmail account on it? Then don’t think too much about that. There are lots of ways to setup Hotmail account on iPhone. Read this article very carefully and learn how to  Set up Hotmail on iPhone 6 within simple manner. Hotmail is very popular for their extra security features that make it more preferable among the users for use. Users can easily send and receive mails through using their Hotmail account. Hotmail is accessible on every kind of devices including iPhone. Users can easily setup Hotmail account in iPhone 6 after applying the server settings of their Hotmail account.  

You can go through the below Steps to Setup Hotmail on iPhone 6 :


  • First of all, go to the Settings of your iPhone which is available at the home screen.


  • Now tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


  • Tap on the Accounts icon.


  • Tap on the Add Account.


  • In next step, you will see the list of various email service provider and then choose Outlook from the list of these email services.


  • After that, enter your Hotmail ID into the given box and then tap on the Next.


  • Enter your Hotmail account password into the given box and then tap on Next.


  • Enter Hotmail into the description field and then tap on Next.


  • Now select what kind of data you want to sync for your Hotmail account such as email, contacts, calendars etc.


  • Tap on the Save tab to finish the procedure of account setup.

Looking for quick help for Setup Hotmail account on iPhone 6? 

Successfully!! Now your Hotmail account is ready to access on your iPhone 6. If you are facing any technical problem while applying the above given steps of account setting up, then get technical support from the Hotmail professionals through Hotmail toll free number.

Proficient Step by Step Solution to Set Up Runbox Email on iPhone

How to set up Runbox Email on Iphone in error free manner?

Email has become excellent and fastest mode of communication in today’s scenario. Runbox is one of well renowned email service provider . To make task easier and simple, user can now Configure runbox on Iphone in swift manner. Is user thinking for the guidelines that need to be followed? No need to panic, user can look down on Iphone-and-Ipad-Runbox-setup-guide


· User is required to switch on Iphone


· Now user is required to on setting option available on home screen


· Further more, user is required to tap on mail, contacts and calendars option


· Moving ahead, user is required to tap on add account option


· Moreover, user is required to tap on select service type option


· Now user is required to tap on other account option


· Moving to next step, user is required to enter account details on new account screen that gets displayed on screen


· User is required to enter username, email address password along with description in blank field available on screen


· Once user is done with relevant information, user is required to tap on next option


· Moving to next step, Iphone will verify the details that has been furnished by user and proceed to  further set of instructions


· Proceeding to incoming server setting, make sure to choose IMAP server. User is required to enter


· User is required to proceed to SMTP outgoing server setting. User is required to enter in space provided in accurate manner


· Once done, user is required to tap on next option


· Make sure user has turn off notes in swift manner


· User is required to tap on save option that appear on screen


· User can now effectively setup phone to make use of system folder in error free manner


· For this, user is required to tap on runbox email account that has been added


· Moreover, user is required to proceed to setting option


· User is required to scroll to bottom of screen and tap on advanced setting option


· User is required to specify draft mailbox option


· It is recommended to choose my Iphone option available next to draft on screen


· Once advanced option has been tapped, user will get their choice of folder on Iphone screen in reliable manner


· Once done, user is required to tap on account option


· Finally user can make use of runbox email to send and receive email in cost effective manner.


Looking for quick help for setup Runbox email on Iphone? 


For further quality and valuable solution, technical experts always welcome customer to seek assistance about the recurring perplexing error and get delivered with outstanding solution for Setup runbox email on Iphone in splendid manner. Support can be offered through email, phone, online chat live session or remote support in robust manner to troubleshoot error 24/7 around the globe in effectual manner. Be ready to discard error with satisfactory solution today.

How To Install HP Printer On Mac Without CD In Error Free Manner?

To Install HP Printer without CD or Disk on mac is challenging task to perform. HP printers are well known for their top-rated printing features and used by the billions of users across the world. Users can access HP printers on various devices including Mac. But before utilising, the first step need for users is to install it on their devices. Lots of users face difficulties to install HP printer on Mac even there is no rocket science to install it. Users can easily download the drivers and install them on their Mac. But you better know that without proper information you can’t do that.

No need to worry, user can look up for some effective step by step solution that is provided below :

User can swiftly make use of installing mac driver on mac to Setup Hp printer in error free manner


1.      First of all user is required to look up for hp printer model and make sure it is useful and compatible on mac device



2.      Once done, user is required to check that USB cable is connected to mac and printer in uniform manner



3.      Furthermore, user is required to hit click on preference option in mac device available in apple menu



4.      Moving to next step, user is required to hit click on print and fax option



5.      Furthermore, user is required to hit click on printing tab option



6.      Make sure hp printer is listed on left side of window pane in proper manner



7.      When the printer is listed , user is required to hit click on use option and enter the name of printer in space provided




8.      User is required to specifically hit click on add option to add printer to list in uniform manner



9.      Sometime it may happen that user may be prompted to install software, in such case it is desirable to hit click on download option and furthermore on install option to complete the installation process in trouble free manner



10.  Moreover, user is required to hit click on close option to close system preference window in error free manner



11.  User can now effectively print document by turning on printer in significant manner


Make use of USB cable 


1.      Make sure printer is connected to system throufh USB cable



2.      Sometime it may happen that Usb port is not traditional and user may require customized  port. In such scenario, it is highly recommended to procure USB to USB C adaptor from apple to smoothly attach USB cable to mac in trouble free manner



3.      Once the adapter has been plug in, user is required to  plug the cable in USB adapter in jiffy



4.      Furthermore, user is required to turn on printer with power button



5.      Once mac will detect that printer is not installed, user will receive prompt for update and installation process



6.      User is required to follow on screen instructions to install the printer in rapid manner



7.      Once installation process has been completed, user print large number of documents in nick of time


Get quick solution to install hp printer on mac without cd


If any other valuable assistance is required, user can trigger call on HP toll free customer care number number flashing on official web portal to procure incredible solution in quick span of time. Technical expertise is intellectual and knowledgeable in their domain, and knows effective terminology and innovative technology to discard glitch in professional manner in nick of time.




How To Set Up Brother Wireless Printer On iPhone?

Want to try to connect iPhone device to the Brother wireless Printer? Get guidance:

If you are an Apple device user, you can blatantly deem its features and new latest products, which are being used by multiple users across the world. These days, there are various latest iPhone or iPad devices are available in the global market along with its highest innovative configuration, performing multitasking work in no time as well. With this clear crystal information related to the iPhone device, we would like to spread some more information with regards to the Wireless Brother Printer that always remains in appropriate condition while connecting with numerous devices.


Hence, when it comes to connecting iPhone device to the Brother wireless printer, then someone does require for having little basic information of the troubleshooting and of course guidance which is speciously important for all the users. So, if you are one of them, trying to connect your iPhone to the wireless Brother printer then you must try the relevant guidance provided by the top-notch techies.


As per techies, you can download the iPrint&Scan app from the Safari internet browser or from Apple store. It is absolutely free to download for the wireless printing in the iPhone device. In fact, it offers the scan option too before starting the process of setup wireless Brother Printer to the iPhone device.


·         Start on your iPhone or iPad device beforehand and then tap on the Safari internet browser.

·         Enter free download iPrint&Scan on the URL address bar and then tap the download button showing at the center of the screen.

·         After downloading in the iPhone, turn your phone off and then unplug the machine from the power outlet.

·         Now you can choose your connection and then turn the machine on, it will ask you to scan the worthy files and documents and even document feeder of your Brother printer all in one thereafter.

·         You can print your saved document from downloaded app pretty easily.

·         By this app you can print scanned images to your Photo album to iCloud like you can print everything from Wireless Brother Printer.

·         Despite this splendid and easy apps, you can go to the wireless network from there you need to plug the Brother Printer to the hub to make it soon.

·         Tap the Apple menu and then choose system preference and go for the quick setup.

·         Click on the print, fax, scan or printer scanner icon and click on the + button.

·         Choose default settings and type the name of Brother Printer and click on add button.

·         Now you can close the system preferences and then go to the properties of printer device from device and printer option.

Need quick assistance for setup wireless Brother wireless printer on iPhone?

Finally, give a text commend and if it really works which means you have successfully connected your iPhone or iPad device to the wireless Brother printer. Although, we have given two ways to connect the iPhone to the wireless printer at ease and for your comfort zone, yet, if looking for more related to this matter or any other else then you can visit 24 by 7 opened iPhone customer service centers always help to its entire users anytime.        


Setup Sympatico email on iPhone Within Quick Steps

About Sympatico Email –

Sympatico is one of the fastest and secure emails service used by the
billions of users across the globe for its world-class mailing features.
Sympatico email is accessible to various kind of devices such as Windows,
Android and iOS. Sympatico email is very easy to access and one can send and receive emails within a simple way. Sometimes users face lots of technical issues while they try to set up a Sympatico email account on their various kinds of devices.

How to set up a Sympatico email on iPhone?

Do you want to send and receive emails from Sympatico email account on your iPhone? Then you will need to set up your email account on your iPhone. The process of setting up a Sympatico email on the iPhone is very simple and straightforward that can simply perform within quick steps. With Sympatico email settings iPhone, you can easily do that without any difficulties. But most of the users don’t know how they will set up their email on the iPhone. If you don’t know how to set up Sympatico email on iPhone, then you can simply follow the mentioned instructions to set up your account.

Set Up Sympatico Email Account on iPhone –

• Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

• Tap on Mail from the scroll down menu.

• Tap on Accounts.

• Now tap on Add Accounts option.

• Choose Other if Sympatico email is not listed.

• Tap on Add Mail Account.

• Now select IMAP and then type the below information:


Username: your email address


Password: your email password


• Now choose SMTP and then type the below information:


Username: your email address


Password: your email password


• Tap on Next.

• After that, tap on Save to complete the process of account set up.


You can very easily set up Sympatico email account on your iPhone after following these above-given steps. If you are not able to set up your email account or have any other query, then contact the customer support team for the better help.

How to Set up SBCglobal Email on iPhone?

Email is the easiest way now a days to get connected and share
information. SBC global mail in now owned by AT&T which is one of the
largest networks in the world. The requirements to set up SBC global
mail on your iphone is that you need the server address of SMPT and POP

You can follow the below mentioned steps to easily Configure SBCGlobal email on your Iphone :-

* First step is to click on setting on your home page screen.

* Now click on mail, contact and calender option.

* Now choose the option of accounts and then click on add accounts, this gives you various types of accounts. After clicking on this option you are supposed to click on the option of “Accounts”.

* Now you have to tick on the button of “Add account”.

* As you click on this option a number of account types shows on your

* You are required to click on the tab of “Other” and choose the
button of “Add mail account”.

* When you click on this button a new account form displays on your

* Punch in the requiste details.

* Type your name in the first field.

* Enter your SBC global email in the next one.

* Click next to proceed.

* Choose the option of POP .

* Enter the provided domain name into the host name section in the
incoming mail server area:

* Enter the SBC global address in the user name and password in the
next and click on next .this will show you the incoming mail server.

* Give domain name in the host name area in the outgoing mail server

* Now put your SBC email id and password.

* Now click on save to complete the process

Looking for instant help for Install Sbcglobal on iPhone? 

You can call at
Sbcglobal support anytime in order to get the assistance on
issues regarding your SBCglobal email account. This number is available
24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

* In case you are stuck in a remote area you can call to get help on
phone so that technician can fix the issue.

* If you fall under company’s service area then you can request for
at home services. Company’s representative will visit you at your
office or home and fix email technical issues.



How to Setup Fastmail on iPhone?

If you have a Fastmail email account and you own an iPhone then we want to let you know that of you haven’t configure fastmail on IPhone till now then you are extremely unlucky. So, now your next question would be How To Configure iPhone to Communicate with FastMail. Don’t worry if you don’t know it’s answer because that’s why this article is made for.

Setup your Fastmail account on iPhone right now as steps mentioned below:

Here, we will guide you with the step by step tutorial for setting up fastmail account on Iphone device with easy steps.

  • If you are aware of the basic features of your iPhone then you must be aware of the fact that going to the Settings app on your device is the first step of this procedure.
  • Moreover, you would also be aware of the next steps which means clicking on the ACCOUNTS Button followed by clicking on the ADD ACCOUNT button and then tapping the OTHER button since the Fastmail email account belongs to none of the Google, Microsoft or the Apple.
  • Now, after again clicking on the ADD EMAIL Button, it’s the time to enter your personal information along with the account credentials.
  • You have to enter your complete name under the NAME section and under the username and password sections, you have to type the corresponding credentials in the input field.
  • Moreover, you can type anything under the DESCRIPTION field.
  • Now, after clicking on the Next button, you have to enter the complete information for the incoming as well as the outgoing servers of the Fastmail account.
  • So, under the section named as the Incoming host name, type and under the section named as Outgoing Host Name, type
  • Now, make sure that you will enter the port numbers for both of these servers correctly.
  • Next, enter the username and the same password for your Fastmail account which you have entered in the previous steps.
  • Click on the Next button and then click on the SAVE button.

Looking for instant help to Install Fastmail on iPhone?

Although these were the last steps for this account configuration procedure but along with that, you should not forget to enable the synchronization of the contacts and calendar associated with your Fastmail account.

99% chances are that you won’t face any kind of problems while following these steps, but in case, you have to encounter any trouble for set up fastmail on iphone, then the support team of mobilesupportplus is always there for your help.


Quick steps to correctly set up Roadrunner email on iPhone

Roadrunner email is one of the fastest email services used by the billions of users across the globe. Roadrunner email is equipped with lots of features and facilities that make it more preferable among the users for using. Roadrunner email is accessible on every kind of devices such as Windows, Android and iPhone. But it is not possible without applying the correct server settings of Roadrunner email.


Have you recently purchased a new Iphone and want to Setup Roadrunner email account on it? But don’t know How to install Roadrunner email on iPhone? Then don’t be tensed. There is no rocket science to setup roadrunner email account. You can easily do that after applying the correct server settings. If you don’t know, then read this article and go through the below steps to Configure Roadrunner email on Iphone :


· First of all, open your iPhone menu and then tap on the Settings.


· After that, scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


· Tap on the Add Account and then you will see the list of various email service providers. Select Other if your Roadrunner email account is not listed in the given list.


· In next step, tap on the Add Mail Account and then enter the below information:


          Name: your name


          Password: your email password

          Description: Roadrunner mail


· After that, tap on the Next.


· Select POP and then enter the below information for Incoming Mail Server:


          Incoming Mail Server:

          User Name: your email address

          Password: your email password

          Port: 110


· After that, enter the below information for Outgoing Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:


          User Name: your email address

          Password: your email password

          Port: 587


· Tap on the Save to finish the procedure.