How Do I Setup Gmail Account on Macbook?

Procedure to Setup Gmail Account on Macbook

The apple desktops or the new versions of macbook OS X offers an easy access to the gmail services by Google. The user can use the easy flow of information through their gmail account on the macbook without logging to gmail account through the browser.The user can access the mails,calendars notes and messages on apple mail only. Macbook offers a user friendly interface to use all the services but still if any user come across any technical issue then the user can contact the apple technical support for the assistance.

 Steps to Configure your Gmail Account on Apple Mail :-

Step 1

The best way to setup the gmail account on your macbook is by enabling the IMAP settings,for which the user need to go to the “settings” option and then scroll down to select the “forwarding POP/IMAP” and then select the “enable IMAP” option.


Step 2

After enabling the IMAP settings the user need to then go to the system preferences on your mac book and then the user have to scroll down to click on the “mails,contacts & calendars” icon on the screen to move further with the process.


Step 3

Followed by the step above the list of the existed email option will appear on the screen from which the user can select “gmail”.in case the user do not have its account then the user have to click on the plus button ,which is present on the left down corner side of the email window on the screen.


Step 4

The above step will direct you to the gmail window where you need to fill the details such as your name,complete email address along with the gmail password of your email ID and then click on the “setup” option on the corner to continue.


Step 5

Followed by the setup it would direct you to the windows with the list of mac services offered by the mac and then the user can accordingly choose the services that they wish to link with their gmail account and can also uncheck the option that they don’t want to sync in .and finally click on “add account”.


Step 6

Then you would notice a pop window where you need to click on the “continue” option that would direct you to the Apple mail in order to complete setup gmail on mac system.


Step 7

Now the user have to select the “IMAP” under the option “account type” and then you have to enter the the account username under the option “description” followed by the gmail account password.then the user have to click on the option “create” to move the procedure further.


Step 8

Now you would see a pop window saying that mail is checking the connection right now and when it will be completed then it would again direct you to the apple mail window where your gmail will start downloading.


Step 9

Now the user have to visit the system preferences again that the user need to check that they have chosen all the services that they need to link with their gmail account.then the user have to click on the “ok” button now finally you can access your gmail account on your macbook


Step 10

Now the user can easily access the gmail and moreover if the user will access on macbook then it would automatically sync it with the IMAP gmail .


Looking for quick help to Install Gmail Account on Macbook?

If you want to add your Gmail account to Macbook without any trouble, go through all these steps given above. Do not forget to dial the Mac customer care number in case of any error or urgency or technical issues.

How Do I Setup My Gmail Account in Apple Mail?

Perhaps you are looking forward to knowing the process of configuring a Gmail account in Apple Mail. Today you will learn about the same. So, here is a humble request to be with us until the end. Open your Apple Mail first. If you are opening it for the very first time, then you are likely to get a pop-up asking to choose a mail account to add.


1. Choose [Google] and then hit [Continue].


2. Enter your email address that you want to add


3. You are also supposed to enter your [Password] in this section


4. Press the [Next] button


5. It will redirect you to a different window


6. Here you will be asked what apps you want to use for that email address


7. Select [Mail] and then hit [done]



If you are persistent, you can wait to find it and sync. Go to the [Mailbox] section and click on [Synchronize Account]. Then you can see it actually trying to connect and bring that email coming through. In case, you want to add more [Mailboxes] to your [Apple Mail], then you can just repeat the process and go to add a [New Account]. To add Gmail account to Apple Mail, you have one more thing to do, and that is to set up this mailbox. It will help your Gmail account to work exactly how you want.


1. The [Edit Google] icon can be found just below the setting icon. It is needed to be clicked


2. You also need to click on [Inbox] and [Edit Google]


3. Here you will have to submit the Information, such as description, full name, and email address.


4. Now click on [Mailbox Behaviour] and check if you want any changes here


5. It will tell you how the mailbox (store draft, sent junk, or trash into a server) is going to work


6. You will get more options if you access the [Advanced] icon


7. Here you can decide whether you want to download automatically or not


Looking for quick help for setup Gmail account on apple mail?

If you want to add your Gmail account to Apple Mail without any hassles, you are urged to go through all these steps given here. You must be happy to know that the change of fonts and colours are possible for you. At the same time, you can change how it will be viewed by visiting the classical layout section showing contact photos in the message list. Do not forget to dial the apple customer care number in the case of any error or urgency.

How to configure Ymail account in iPhone?

Get an effective technical support to fix various Ymail issues

Ymail is very famous email service provided by the Yahoo to the users. All over the world, Ymail has billions of users who are very attracted with its services. Ymail is accessible on various kind of devices such as Windows, Android and iOS. Ymail is best known for its best in class mailing features. There are lots of users who complaints about some technical issues confronted in their Ymail account. With Ymail customer service users can easily fix any kind of technical problem occurred in their Ymail account.

How to Configure Ymail Account in iPhone?

  • Settings —> Iphone Home screen —> Mail –> Accounts –>Add Account
  • Choose Yahoo!.
  • Write your name under Name.
  • Write your full Yahoo! Mail address under Address.
  • Enter your Yahoo! Mail password under Password.
  • Tap Next.
  • You will get options for retrieve your Mail, Reminders, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes for your Yahoo account. ( Slide the indicator to green for ON for each that you want to access via this iPhone)
  • Make sure Mail is ON to receive email in iPhone Mail.
  • Tap Save.
  • Now your set up Ymail account in Iphone is done and it will appear in the Accounts list.

How to login in Ymail?

The process of logging in to Ymail is very easy and simple but lots of users feel difficulties while they try to login in to Ymail. If you are one among those, then go through the below steps:

  • First of all, open your web browser and then go to the official Ymail login page.
  • Now a login page will open and then enter your username and password into the given box.
  • Click on Log in and then you will login to your Ymail account easily.

If you are still facing any technical problem to login to your Ymail account after applying the above given steps, then contact Ymail tech support team and get relevant assistance from the professionals who are highly skilled. They will provide better solutions to login into Ymail account.

How to reset Ymail password in iPhone?

  • Settings –> Mail –> Accounts –> Yahoo –> Account –> Re -enter Password –> Next
  • Enter password, then tap Sign In button.

(** If you had added a phone number to your Ymail account, or if you have enabled two-factor authentication, then you will need to select your phone number and enter the verification code when you receive it.)

How to reset Ymail password?

Has someone hacked your Ymail account or accessing it without your knowledge? Then you need to change the login password of your Ymail account. After contacting Ymail technical support team you can easily reset your Ymail account password. You can also go through the below steps to change Ymail password:

  • First of all, go to the official Ymail sign in page.
  • Tap on Difficulty signing in?
  • Now enter your email ID into the given box and then tap on Continue.
  • Now enter your alternate email ID for password recovery into the given field and then click on next.
  • After that, open the received password reset link and then enter a new password for your Ymail account into the given box to complete the procedure.

Are you not capable to reset Ymail account password through above described steps? Then dial Ymail helpline and toll free number and get result oriented help from the technical experts. They will give reliable solutions to reset Ymail password within simple way. These experts will take only few seconds to fix any kind of problem related to Ymail. You contact on this number across the globe that is accessible 24/7 for every user of Ymail.







How to Setup Hushmail Account on Iphone?

Fix all the Hushmail account on iphone issues under the guidance of Hushmail Support

If you are a regular user of Hushmail, then we know what your mental condition would be at the current point of time. Nowadays, there are a large number of users, who love fixing their Hushmail issues on their own. But the situation becomes tensed when they are not able to repeat this same act again. So, to help all such users, Hushmail Customer Service experts are here. In this article, we will discuss the solutions for the two most common issues of the Hushmail users.

The first issue is related to Setup hushmail account on iphone, whereas the second one is associated with the Resetting of the Hushmail password.

So, here are the steps provided by the Hushmail Technical Service experts which will suggest what you have to do to setup Hushmail account on iphone.

Setup Hushmail Account on Iphone

  • Tap Settings –> Mail,Contact,Calendars –>Add Account –> Other –> Add Account.
  • Enter Your Account details : Name, Address, Password, Description.
  • Select IMAP and enter your server settings. When you have finished, tap Next.

Incoming Mail Server
Host Name:
User Name: your full email address
your passphrase

Outgoing Mail Server
Host Name:
User Name: your full email address
your passphrase


Procedure to Sign-in Hushmail Account

  • The first step of this procedure is to navigate to the official website of the Hushmail from your browser.


  • After that, the users have to enter the email address of their Hushmail account in the corresponding text box and then they have to tap on the hushmail SIGN IN problem.


  • The next step is to enter the Hushmail account password under the field named as PASSPHRASE.


  • Now, after clicking on the hushmail SIGN IN button given there in the blue colour, the users would be able to access their account after two seconds and they are done with this procedure.


If your issue has no relation with this first method suggested above, then don’t worry because the steps for resetting the password of your Hushmail account are given below by the experts available on the Hushmail Toll Free number.


Reset Hushmail Password

  • The first step which is mandatory for all the users facing the similar problem is to access their passphrase component.


  • If you don’t know how to do that, then we want to let you know that you first have to log into your Hushmail account which will be the administrator account of yours.


  • After logging in there, you have to click on the mail folder which is named as Passphrase Shadows.


  • Then, you have to tap on the Hushmail account for which you wish to reset the password.


  • Next, you have to copy the passphrase component located there and next, you have log into the Hushtools with the credentials for your Hushmail account.


  • Click on the Users button and select your name.


  • After that, click on the Edit button followed by tapping on the reset passphrase button.


  • The final step is to paste the passphrase component and then enter the new passphrase.