How to Fix Chromecast not Showing up on iPhone?

Ways to Resolve Chromecast not Showing Up on iPhone –


We all aware about the Google and various product used by the Google like its email service, app stores, web browser, social networking sites, blogging and and so on so forth. There are plenty of other things which are hardly known by the Common user. One such product of the google is Google Chromecast.


Are you aware about the Google chromecast ? Google chromecast is one of the leading online streaming video content application. It provides us the cheapest and simplest medium to stream your video content on your TV through HDMI port or through a USB cable. It allows multiple streaming services from netflix, YouTube and Hulu other various channels. User can use the services either from smartphone, computer and remote control. It also provide various cost benefits factor for using its service less than $70. But despite that user does face many problem the common problem is chromecast not showing up Iphone.


Steps to fix Chromecast not showing up on iPhone –


  • First of all, check whether Chromecast device is powered on.


  • Then make sure that chromecast device is connected to the same wifi network as your phone and then Google Home.


  • In order to check, user needs to go to the home screen and tap on the settings and then click on Wifi.


  • Wifi network that is listed in order to check whether blue check mark is connected with it or not.


  • Also make sure that your mobile phone device or tablet is connected to the same network.


  • User needs to verify the setting by turning on the bluetooth.


  • Make sure that slider is on and close out of the setting and then return.


Instant Solution For Chromecast not showing up on iPhone –


In case, you face any problem chromecast not showing up on iPhone , then user can take the assistance from the google technical support team. They have a highly qualified technical expert team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved on immediately.


 Follow these simple procedure to Fix Chromecast not found :


  • First of all, User needs to check whether its device is nearby and plugged properly in the wall outlet.


  • Then User needs to power on and then check whether led light is on the side or back of the device.


  • Again User needs to power on the button.


  • Further user must verify the settings by opening up your device settings app.


  • Tap on location and turn it on location in order to resolve chromecast not found.


  • Again tap on the location and google home app and click on Permission and then turn on location


  • And then complete the setup which might help in fixing the problem.

In this way you can easily resolve issue related to Chromecast not found. Here you will also get solution for Chromecast not showing up on iPhone.


How to fix Google Duo Not Working On iPhone?

What Should You Do When Google Duo Is Not Responding !!

Google Duo is the latest video calling service launched by Google. It has better picture quality and sound in comparison to other services. You can use it on any device because it is quite compatible. It is beneficial for fulfilling your needs but certain difficult scenarios goes out of control. To get help at such times,you need to connect with support team instantly.

Common issues that can be fixed by Google tech support experts –


  • Why Google duo not working properly?


  •  How can I fix sound related problems?


  •  How can I invite friends on Google Duo?


  •  Why Google Duo not working on iPhone?


  •  Why the video get paused while using Google Duo?


  •  Why the app of Google Duo is not working anymore?


You can see the list of problems that has been given here, individual need solution to any of them. To get instant resolution, there is need to connect with support team quickly. Google tech Support team can be contacted anytime whenever you want help from them. As a user,you can get proper guidance from the customer care team.


Why Google Duo Not Working on iPhone?


  • It is first required to ensure that nothing is blocking the device’s camera or microphone.


  • You should check that your camera and microphone are facing the right way.


  • Also,there is need to check cellular or Wifi connection.When connection is weak, then video or sound might not work correctly.


  • Try to restart the app and restart your phone


  • Check that your battery is low or not,charge your device.


  • Try to call  again when you have a stronger signal


  • Now, you need to see that whether your Google duo not working properly issue has been fixed or not


If any of you is not satisfied from the suggested solution, you can directly contact live experts instantly. They will take the complete description of your issue and try to understand the whole scenario. Google tech support experts will guide you until you will not get complete satisfaction. To solve the technical hassle, your computer will remotely accessed, where tech experts will take the control of your computer screen. You will be charged to take help from experts but that will be too low.



How to Fix SBCGlobal Email Not Working on iPhone?

Fix SbcGlobal email not working on iPhone issues with the mentioned troubleshooting ways !!

SbcGlobal email account user’s many times face issues in which their email account doesn’t work on their iphone and creates problems for them. SbcGlobal email not working on iphone issue has become a common one and occurs because of certain reasons be it internet errors, email account errors and many more.

Therefore, whenever the user face sbcglobal not working on iphone types of issues they should simply follow the troubleshoot methods for it’s solution.

Some easy and quick fixes for this issue are :

  • The user should firstly sign out of their SbcGlobal email account from their iphone and should gain sign in back.



  • If there is an email that the user is unable to receive then they should check for it in the spam folder.



  • The user should then access their SbcGlobal email account on any other device or browser so as to check whether this issue is occurring in every device or is only taking place in iphone.



  • User should also clear the cookies and caches of their iphone device as because of this also SbcGlobal email account doesn’t works.



  • User should also check for the settings on their iphone.




  • Also the user should enable the javascript on their device and should even enable the Adobe Flash player to fix this issue.



Hence, by these troubleshooting steps the issue of sbcglobal email not working on iphone will be solved and further the user can access their account whenever they wish to.

For Quick Solution Regarding SbcGlobal not working on iPhone –

Above mentioned steps will totally solve the issue and will make it easier for the user to use it for their email works. Furthermore, if still the user is facing issue in solving sbcglobal not working on iphone problems then they can straightaway contact it’s executives at any time. The concerned representatives will further provide details and will help the user.

How to Restore to iOS 10?

How Can I Restore My iOS 10

You always feel delighted while downloading the new version of iOS. There is no doubt, you are getting too much fun while experimenting with Apple’s latest operating system which has been provided with new features such as QR code-friendly camera app, a customizable control centre, including a file manager app. It may happen to you that a few growing pains restricts you to use your updated iOS. Now, you can easily restore your iOS to the previous version iOS 11 so, that your smartphone doesn’t randomly reboot at the worst situation.


Why iPhone working slow after update?


To resolve this issue,you need to restore iOS 10 to the previous version.You should follow certain guidelines:


–> Download restore iOS 10 image

As you are using another iOS version, you are required to download the older iOS 10 image. It is really easy to get the right software image straight from Apple. Now,you can select the corresponding restore image for your device and wait for the huge file to download. It will help you to downgrade iOS 11 to 10

> Connect iOS device to the computer

It is required for you to connect iOS device to the computer, you need to do it correctly so, that the connection will not be loose anytime.

-> Put device into the recovery mode

For restoring device to iOS 10, you are required to put it into Recovery Mode by the help of few button presses.When you use an iPad, iPhone 6S or any other,there is need to hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button at the same time. You should hold and wait until the device enters recovery mode.Now, iPhone working slow after update problem can fix easily.

Restore the iOS device –

When you enter a Recovery Mode, iTunes will show you with the option to restore your device. Now, you need to hold the Option key and select the option of “Restore.”You need to select early downloaded iOS software image and should wait for your device to install it.When the restoration will complete,you may activate your device and restore from an iTunes backup.You should wait for your device  to restore itself to its initial version.

How to Fix Gmail Password Not Working on iPhone?

Avail the best assistance to know how can the users fix Gmail password not working on iPhone 


Gmail is used very commonly these days. There are many features and facilities embedded in Gmail that makes it unique. It is used by class of advanced users. With the help of gmail, the users can easily send and receive the mails. The uses can send humongous data with the help and assistance of Gmail account.


Get the right assistance to resolve the issue of Gmail Password on iPhone not working :


The users may follow the steps stated below in order to resolve the issue of Gmail Password not working.



  • The users need to quit all the mail clients that are accessing the affected Gmail account. This means that the mail app on the iPhone and any other place that the user is accessing their Gmail account.


  • After this the users may open sfari on the affected iphone and then direct to the google account login page.


  • Then the user may enter the full gmail address , password and the type the characters that the user may see in the picture. Then the users may touch the unlock button in order to verify their respective account.


  • At last the users need to open the mail app and then the Gmail access shoud be restored.


These are some of the ways by which the users may resolve the issue of Gmail Password on iPhone not working. In case the users face any issue, then then the users may talk to the technical experts for getting the issues resolved.


Stuck in an issue : take help from the experts :

The users may contact the technical experts for availing the right solution for the issues that the users might be facing and that too in a fast and instant manner.

How to Fix Bellsouth Email Not Working on iPhone?

Bellsouth email not working on iPhone –

We use different kind of email services for different purpose. There are plenty of different email services in the world. We use depending upon’s our choice, some prefer free email services and some prefer standard email services. One such company which provides standard and secure email services is Bell South.


Have you listen about the BellSouth email service? Bellsouth is one of the leading and most popular standard email services providing company in the world. Being the Part of the telecommunication giant AT&T is a sheer testimony of the fact how great its services would be. It follows the highest form of security standard protocol in order to protect their customer personal as well as professional data from any kinds of attack or hacks. But sometimes new user does face certain issue while working on this email services. One of the critical issue user faces while operating on certain Smartphone. The most common of them is Bellsouth email not working on iOS. Then such situation user can take the help from Bellsouth technical support team;.

Follow these simple procedures if Bellsouth not working on iPhone :


· First of all, User needs to open the iPhone.



· If You are using the Yahoo email services by tapping to the settings and then General and then click on Reset and further click on Reset Settings.



· After wards User has to make sure to click on the email account which is correctly setup on the phone if not that’s might be the reason Bellsouth email not working on iPhone.



· Now make sure to go to settings and Mail and further accounts and tap on your email and then click on Accounts and then tap on your email account.



· Again now Tap on your email address next to account.



· Check the account information such as incoming and outgoing mail servers.



· Check the settings on your email account through the mail settings lookup tool and verify they match on what you see on the phone.


Instant Support for Bellsouth Email Not Working Issue –

Have you ever face problem regarding Bellsouth email not working on iPhone then user can take the help of technical support. They have an excellent technical support team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience which will make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved on immediate basis. They work 24*7/365 days in order to make sure that all their customer grievances must be resolved on immediate basis.