How to Fix Google Chromecast not Working on iPhone?

What needs to be done when Google Chromecast not working on iPhone !


Google chromecast is streaming media player which is used for downloading new music, playing new music files and listen video. It is used for playing game and use other type of Information on your TV from the Internet. It provides fantastic features but user may face some technical error with it.


In this article we will discuss you how to solve the issues related to Chromecast not working so that you may use it properly without having any tension.


When you use Google chromecast on iPhone then there might be so many reason when it does not work in a proper way. If Google chromecast not working on iphone then you need to take support form Google support team. Google provides highly experienced technician to resolve all the issues. They will tell you what type of problem you may face.


Problems Occur when Google Chromecast not Working –


  • How to install Google chromecast on iPhone?
  • What to do when it is unable to play online music?
  • How to fix when you are getting Internal server error?
  • What to do when you are unable to solve basic chromecast and ultra chromecast issue?
  • How to setup Google chromecast on iPhone?


If you are getting any of above issue then Google chromecast will not work in a proper way. If Google chromecast not working then you need to troubleshoot all the issues related to it.


Solution to fix Chromecast not Working issues –


  • You will have to force quit the application: for this , you need to go to the home screen of iPhone then double click on the Home button to find the multitask tray. Now tap on the home button to finish. If Google chromecast not working then You will have to turn off the Chromecast and wait for sometime. After that again you will have to turn it on.


  • If Google chromecast not working on iPhone then you need to check the version you are using, if it is not latest version then you will have to update it with latest version.You will have to tap on X icon which will show at the upper corner to delete the previous app. Now you will have to go to the App store to reinstall the chromecast application from there.


  • Work with Chromecast if Google chromecast not working then You are required to check the available updates to your Chromecast device, for this go to the settings option then select the general and tap on the software update.


Now you need to check the Google chromecast on your device.If Google chromecast not working then you need to reset your network settings. For this you need to ensure that you know the network name and password because you will have to enter this information to rest the network. After That you are required to go to the setting option. Here you will have to select the General option then click on the reset network settings.

How to Fix Flash Player Not Responding Mac ?

Don’t know how to fix issue flash player not responding on Mac? Resolving here –

Adobe flash player is most famous service in terms of starting the games and videos on mobile and laptop devices. It is quite a user-friendly service that is being installed and use on various devices like Android, iPhone, Mac, iPad and much more. Unfortunately, sometimes Flash player not responding whether using Mac or iPhone device and interruption naturally occurred in between the work or playing any video game. If you are one of them and getting an unexpected error message Flash player not responding you need to make it fix soon.


Is really Flash player not Responding on Mac?


Generally, this message shows when the Flash player plug-in almost stops responding unexpectedly. But reloading the page can often get the video, game or animation to play or get it back to you to work once again. But still, if there is continue to crash or freeze and Adobe Flash player is not responding on Mac, you are required to update the latest version of flash may fix the issue in a jiffy. If you are not comfortable in updating the latest version of flash, you can contact its prudent technical support engineers who are available at every single of time to eliminate the bugs in no time.


Steps to follow when flash player is not responding on a Mac device :

  • At first, open your Mac device and launch Safari internet browser and go to the settings.


  • Press Mac store service and then go to the Adobe Flash player web page app.


  • Check out if you are having out dated version of flash player. If yes then click on the update button to install the latest one.


  • You must have to go to the settings of the Flash player before checking additional issue to fix.


  • If found everything right but due to old version of the flash player is not responding fine then download new one.


  • Now you are requested to go to the Adobe Flash players download page where you are responsible to download the latest version of flash player showing on the next page.


  • After downloading, close the Safari and click on the menu button from the flash icon showing on the Mac book desktop.


  • Click on the installer button and then click on the next button after running its sample file from the desktop.


  • Now select the terms and condition option and then click on the language button where you can select the other language as per your choice.


  • Now again click the next button and follow the on screen instruction carefully.


  • Having installed Flash player you need to click the start button to check it responding or not.


  • If flash player responding fine then press the close button and reset the Mac device eventually.


Instant Support for Flash Player not Responding –


If you are still having an issue flash player not responding on Mac and tried to fix with the help of above mentioned steps but could not get avail you need to approach flash player tech support representative who will offer you genuine and simple solution in no time.


How to fix iPhone Not Working on WiFi data?

Get details to fix iPhone not working on WiFi data related issues!!


iPhone is considered as one of the latest and the best available mobile devices of today’s time. But, on the other hand many users of iPhone have experienced it’s WiFi and phone data not working related issues and because of which they are unable to work on their phone. This issue mainly occurs when the user face iPhone not working problems on their device.


Therefore, whenever the user face iPhone not working issues on their device they should simply go through some of the troubleshooting steps that are mentioned on it’s official site. The user can simply visit the Apple troubleshooting site and can get their solutions.


Besides, if the user face iPhone not working on WiFi issues then for this they can follow the mentioned troubleshooting methods so as to fix iPhone not working. The steps for iPhone not working are simple and will totally enable the user in solving this issue.


Steps for solving issue iPhone not working on WiFi –


  • First of all the user should reboot their iPhone device.


  • Also the user should reboot the modem and router by which the iphone device is connected.


  • User should then forget the particular wifi connection on the device and should again get connected with it. For doing this the below steps should be followed:

– Firstly the user should open the settings menu on their device.

– Then click on WiFi options section and select on the WiFi name from which the device is connected.

– After this the user should click on forget this network and lastly should select on forget.


  • The user should also reset all the network settings that are available on the iPhone device so as to solve this issue. Steps must be undertaken for solving issue iPhone not working on WiFi/data:

– Firstly open the settings menu on iPhone.

– Select on general menu and go to the bottom of the page.

– From there click on reset and then select reset network settings menu.


Furthermore, with the above mentioned steps, iPhone not working on wifi related issues will be solved and the user will be enabled to connect their device with any wifi they want to. User should make sure that the steps mentioned above are followed in the correct way.

There are also times when the user face iPhone not working on data issues and for which they want the correct steps for solving iPhone not working. Therefore, for getting rid of iPhone not working issue. Follow the below mentioned steps needs to be followed:


  • First of all the user should make sure that the cellular data on their iPhone is enabled. For being sure of this, the below mentioned steps needs to be followed:

– Firstly open the settings section and select on cellular.

– Then swipe the cellular data menu so that it becomes ON.

– Lastly, exit the settings menu.


  • Also the user should reset the device and the network settings for solving this issue. For enabling it, below steps should be followed:

– Go to the settings of iPhone and select on general menu.

– Then select on reset and from there click on reset network.

– Once this is done the user need to enter the passcode to confirm.

– Now switch off the iPhone and again turn it on.


Hence, with these steps iPhone not working on data issues will be solved instantly and the user will be able to connect with the internet with the use of their phones data.


For Instant Support on iPhone not Working –

Furthermore, these are some of the main issues related to iPhone and also some of the troubleshooting steps so as to solve iPhone not working related problems. On the other hand, for more information and details take expert advice from representatives of iPhone who will assist you immediately to resolve your issues. If you are not able to resolve your issue or still you are not have proper solution then you can call at their toll free number to fix out your technical glitches related to iPhone not responding problems. 

How to Fix YouTube App Not Working on iPhone/iPad?

How to fix YouTube app if it is not working on iPhone/iPad?


There are situations when iPhone and iPad users, who love to use Safari, Google Chrome, or iOS 11, face problem in playing YouTube videos. Are you facing a similar problem in recent days? Don’t worry! Go through this blog post to find out the solution of your problem. It is filled with some of the most reliable solutions of YouTube app not working on iPad or iPhone.


Clear Safari/YouTube cache

Remove the unwanted
To clear the cache files in Safari, open [Settings] and navigate [Safari]. It will allow you to clear [History and Website Data]. By accessing this option, you can delete your Safari history, cache, and cookies within a single click. Let’s discuss how to deal with the issue – YouTube app not working on iPhone or iPad.


To clear YouTube cache, open iOS 11 and navigate YouTube App. Go to the top left corner of your iPhone screen and click on the [Menu] option. Tap the gear icon. Here you can choose one of the options under Privacy. It will delete YouTube data as per your needs.


Turn off Bluetooth


Turning off the Bluetooth is an effective way to deal with the situation when YouTube is not working on iPhone in iOS 11. You need to open Control Center which can be done by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. Hence, you can click the Bluetooth icon to turn it off.


Reset network settings


Maybe YouTube app is not working on iPad because you have a poor network connection. To deal with it, you are suggested to turn off your Wi-Fi network connection. Make sure, resetting network settings will delete all settings related to the network; it won’t be deleting erase your iPhone. Turn it on after a minute. Else, navigate to [Settings], open [General], and select [Reset]. It will allow you to click on [Reset Network Settings].


Remove the unwantedUpdate YouTube/iOS 11



Is your YouTube app not working on iPhone? An incompatibility could be the reason behind this issue. Go to the [App Store] and open [YouTube] to check its system requirements. Update it, if a new version of YouTube is available. Open [Setting] to update the latest version of iOS. Navigate to [General] and select [Software Update].


Remove the unwanted


Another great way to handle the situation when YouTube is not working on iPhone is to free up some space. YouTube may quit unexpectedly on your iPhone or iPad if you get a full storage. To move with it, you could remove unwanted photos, delete those songs which you not wish to listen anymore, and uninstall the applications that you not wish to use on your iPhone or iPad. It is most likely to resolve your problem.


How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Google Drive?

How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Google Drive?


Are you an iPhone user? Then you need a lot of space to save and backup your important data. iPhone inbuilt feature iCloud proffer you a 5GB of free storage to backup and store your data. But this space is not enough to fulfill your photo storage requirements. Alternatively, you can choose Google Drive for this purpose that proffers a large free storage space. It is very easy to backup iPhone photos to Google Drive but if you are using Google Drive first time in your iPhone, then you must need to required proper information about that. In this article, you can learn about the procedure of transferring and backing up your iPhone photos to Google Drive.


How to Backup iPhone Photos to Google Drive?


It is very simple to back up your iPhone photos to Google Drive. Before beginning the process, make sure that Google Drive app is available on your phone. For this, apply the below steps:



· First of all, open the App Store on your iPhone and then search the Google Drive.



· Now install the Google Drive app and then log in.



· Now open Google Drive and then go to the menu.



· After that, choose Settings.



· Tap on Photos.



· Now toggle the ON switch to Auto Backup.



After that, you can choose how you want to uploads photo via cellular data or Wi-Fi. You can also turn on full-size backup if you want to upload your iPhone photos in a proper quality to Google Drive.


How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Google Drive?


You can easily share, upload or transfer your iPhone photos to Google Drive, and easily access them whenever you required. If you want to transfer your iPhone photos, then you need to apply the below instructions :


· Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone and sign in. If you have already signed in, then skip that.



· Go to the menu and then tap on the Add icon. transfer iphone photos to google drive




· Now tap on the Upload tab.



· After that, find the photos from your gallery that you want to upload and then tap on the Upload. If you want to see the status bar or view your files, then tap on Locate.




With the help of above-given methods, Google Drive iPhone Photos transferring and backing up procedure can easily perform. Google Drive will help to upload your photos in a very simple manner and you can easily access them from any device.


How To Reset Network Settings on iPhone?

Procure Best assistance to know How to reset network settings on iPhone.


How has iPhone revolutionised the Cyber world?


With the advent of iPhone, the users can contact to the required people at any time. The users may use the various multitasking features of iPhone that helps the users in performing the tasks in a fast and an instant manner. The users may send important mails and information with the help of mails and text messages.


Get immediate Steps to be followed for iPhone Network Reset :


At times, the users may find the reset network settings on iPhone quit working. For this the users might look out for the step for iPhone Network settings Reset. Then the users may get stuck in some issue, then the users need not to panic. The users may follow the steps in a well structured manner.  Step by step execution of the steps will let the users assist in resolving the issues faced by the users in the complete process of resetting the network settings of the iPhone.


The users may follow the steps stated below in order to reset iphone network settings. If the users face these steps of instructions in a step by step manner, then the users will be able to reset.


Reset iPhone Network Settings –


  • The users need to go to the home screen, from there the user needs to tap on the Settings option.


  • Thereafter the user needs to scroll down and then the users may tap on General option.


  • After this the users may scroll down and then tap on the option Reset.


  • The users may tap on the reset network settings.


  • At last the users may confirm on the option of Reset Network Settings in to oder to reset the network settings on iPhone.


In order to reset network settings on iPhone, the users only need to follow these simple steps stated above. The users need not worry and get impatient. The users only need to implement these steps and execute them in a well organised manner.

These are some of the simple ways by which the users will be able to reset the network settings on iPhone. In case the users face some issues,then the users may contact the technical experts for availing the right assistance in doing iPhone Network Reset.


Getting stuck in issues- why not consult the technicians for help?


Although iPhone network reset is not a difficult task to perform, but at times, the users might get stuck in some issues while resetting the network settings. In such a situation, the users may talk to the experts who will assist the users by providing the right steps of execution for resolving the issues.

These experts are well qualified and possess rich knowledge in assisting the right steps of execution. The experts are well proficient and helps in providing steps that can be well implemented in real time for resolving the issues in a fast manner.

How to Fix Earthlink Email not working on iPhone?

Why does Earthlink stopped working and how to fix it? 

In this digital era, all of us are addicted to using the internet. For chatting online via mail or communicating on social media applications, or shopping online and watching online videos on Youtube and much more. And for accessing all these online things we need a strong internet connection. And for all these online activities, the mobile internet is not always enough. And hence, for this reason, we all use Wi-Fi services.

Using Earthlink internet services 

For accessing Wi-Fi services, Earthlink service provider is one of the most used service providers in the USA and a lot of people prefer getting Earthlink service provider.

Earthlink web Services not working properly 

All the Wi-Fi connections need strong internet for online activities and if in case the internet connectivity slows down then Earthlink router stops working. A lot of people who sign up for the membership of the Earthlink often wonder why Earthlink not working properly. And to find more about the reasons why Earthlink is not working, tap below

Reasons behind Earthlink not working properly 

Slow internet speed

Most of us who use Wi-Fi service often complain of slow internet speed and are not able to access a lot of online applications. And this becomes a common reason for Earthlink not working properly.

Wi-Fi network disappears totally 

Sometimes Earthlink wifi network disappears totally. And this could be because of the router being reset automatically. And if in case the router gets reset then wifi network will get disappeared totally.

The network connects but no internet 

A lot of times when users connect their devices to the Earthlink Wi-Fi they don’t find any speed and most of the online applications remain offline only.

Router clashes now and then but gets resolved only gets fixed on restarting.

A lot of times router of the wi-fi connection stops working properly and keeps giving trouble and requires resetting now and then. And this continues hustle in internet connection becomes one of the biggest reasons why Earthlink internet stops working.

Methods to fix Earthlink not working 

If you face the issue of Earthlink not working properly then you can take the help of below-given methods to fix this error.

Troubleshooting steps to fix Earthlink not working 

  1. Make sure that you have attached the cable of the router properly. In case the cable is not attached properly then the router might lose the connection properly.
  2. Unplug the modem from the cable source and now leave the modem unplugged for a few minutes.
  3. Now shut down the computer and switch it off and plug the cable modem directly in the wall outlet.
  4. Now, wait for the few minutes for the modem to regain block sync.
  5. Next, check the lights of the modem if it’s blinking properly or not.
  6. And now check if your devices are connected online or not. If yes then the internet is fixed back.

Things to keep in mind while using the Earthlink not working 

  1. Keep checking the internet router from time to time. If there is an issue in the router then change it before it becomes too late.
  2. Make sure to recharge the service provider on time so that you don’t have to face any issue.
  3. Reset your router from time to time to avoid any connectivity.
  4. For precaution, call the technician team at regular intervals to check the device before any serious fault takes place.

And hence with the help of all these basic methods, you can easily fix the issue of Earthlink not working properly. If suppose the issue still does not resolve then you can contact the Earthlink support team for more guidance.

Earthlink Email Not Working on iPhone 

You are in the right place if you want to know how to resolve an update seen on your iPhone. This write-up will tell you how to fix an update viewed on your iPhone or iPad. There are multiple examples of Web Hosting customers who have SSL turned on in their email settings after the device is upgraded to iOS . Perhaps the easiest way to tackle the problem Earthlink not working on iPhone is to turn off the SSL option. Here is how you can do this.

Steps to Resolve Issues of Earthlink Not Working on iPhone  

  • Launch the [Home Screen] of your iPhone
  • Click on the [Settings] icon
  • Scroll downwards, and select [Mail, Contacts, Calendars]
  • Click on your Hosting account now
  • Now you need to configure your [Incoming Server Settings]
  • Scroll downwards and click on the [Advanced] button
  • Enter Hostname, Username, and Password
  • Make sure that the [Use SSL] is off; it will turn gray
  • Enter 110 as the [Incoming Server Port]
  • Configure [Outgoing Server Settings] now
  • Scroll downwards and click on the [Outgoing Server Settings] icon
  • Plus, click on the [Primary Server] name
  • Enter Hostname, Username, and Password
  • Make sure that the [Use SSL] is off; it will turn gray
  • Enter 110 as the [Outgoing Server Port]
  • Press the [Done] button when you are done with the server settings

For Instant Solution contact Earthlink Support

The new set of settings will enable your iPhone to perform or send emails. If you have some more queries to be asked related to the concerned issue or earthlink not working on iPhone, you can dial Earthlink customer service phone number. This number will enable you to share your query with experienced customer care professionals who are committed to doing this job. These experts are known for their apparent character, professional attitude, and willingness to deliver. By putting their cent percent efforts, they will not allow you to raise the issue Earthlink email not working on iPhone again.



How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Windows 10?

Google Chrome not working in Windows 10?

How to fix Google Chrome if it not working in Windows 10 after creators update?

Google Chrome not working after Windows 10 creators update

Google Chrome not working in Windows 10

Google Chrome crashes after Windows 10 creators update

You have updated your Windows 10 with Creators Update, Fall Creators Update Version 1709, or other cumulative updates. Now you are unable to browse because your favourite web browser – Google Chrome – is not working. Maybe it has crashed by the Windows update. Or perhaps you browse engine is failing to connect the network. Some of the genuine ways of tackling this problem; i.e., Google Chrome not working; have been discussed on this page.

Start Google Chrome after turning off the Hardware Acceleration

  • Open Google Chrome


  • Navigate the [Settings] page


  • Go to the top left corner of the page and click on [Menu]


  • Expand the [Advanced] entry


  • Now you will need to select the [System] option


  • Hit the [Use hardware acceleration] when it is available to [Off]


  • Here you will be asked to restart the browser


  • Click [RELAUNCH] then

Start Google Chrome after modifying the browser properties

Modifying the properties of Google Chrome is one of the exceptional ways to tackle the concerned issue – Google Chrome not working Windows 10. It is ideal for you if the first method doesn’t solve your problem. It is also suitable for you if you have to open Chrome with Windows Security Shield mark. Open the .exe or shortcut file of the browser and run it as an Administrator. Click [Properties] after making right-click on the Google Chrome icon. You have to select the compatibility tab and click on the [Change Settings]. Apply it to all users’ option. To move forward, you need to unchecked the box, in Compatibility mode, against the [Run This Program. Here you are instructed to check the [Run This Program] box. Do it as an Administrator option and save all the changes. Hopefully, you won’t tell Google Chrome not working anymore.

Start Google Chrome by adding Reliable Multicast Protocol

  • You can troubleshoot the error by the addition of Reliable Multicast Protocol


  • Press Windows icon key + R, and launch the command prompt


  • Type ncpa.cpl in the box and click [Enter]


  • It will enable you to open the [Network Connections] by clicking on it​_


  • Click on the currently running network adapter, and select the [Properties] option


  • Locate [Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol] by scrolling downward


  • Click [Install] then


  • Go to the next window and highlight the [Protocol] button


  • Plus, highlight [Reliable Multicast Protocol]


  • Press [Ok] to apply the changes

Start Google Chrome after dialling the Google Chrome Helpline Number – 

Did any of the method as mentioned earlier solve your issue, Google Chrome not working  windows 10? If no, find out the last one. The fourth method is powerful than all the previously discussed method. You must be familiar with this method, dialling the universal helpline number. Not only the concerned, but this helpline number is also ideal to resolve the installation and functionality problems in Google Chrome. Powered by a team of skilled troubleshooting experts, Google Chrome Helpline Number is instrumental in addressing this issue within three to eight minutes. It is committed to delivering the best quality without making any delay or inconvenience.

How to Use Google Photos on iPhone?

Google Photos on iPhone – 

A wide range of iPhone users always struggle with their storage limits and especially when things come to your camera roll. In such conditions, users have only option to delete their old photos. But there is another way to store these photos called Google Photos. It is one of the best options to upload your photos to Google Photos where you don’t face any kind of storage problem. The process of using Google Photos on iPhone is very easy and simple. But if you are doing it the first time, then you need proper information on it.


Apply the below steps to use Google Photos on iPhone in a very simple way :


·        First of all, you need to download and install Google Photos app on your iPhone that can easily get through App Store.



·        After installing it will ask to sign in to your Google account. If you are using Gmail or any other Google service, then you can use these credentials to log in.



·        Now you will see Backup & Sync screen where you need to toggle Backup & Sync button to ON position.



·        Tap on Continue and then you will need to confirm the upload size. If you will choose High Quality, then you will get unlimited storage.



·        Now open your Google Photos app again and then you will see three tabs such as Assistant, Photos, and Albums. So you need to go through Photos & Albums category to upload your photos.



Finally!! Your iPhone photos will move to Google Photos and you can without much of stretch access it on your iPhone whenever you want.