How to Fix Fastmail Not Working on iPhone?

All that you have to do in order to deal with the issues of the Fastmail not working on iPhone –

Fastmail is basically the emailing service that is been offered to the individuals or the group of people i.e the organisations as the paid emailing accounts. So if you are a businessmen who is looking for such amazing mailing service then you must know that the company provide the mailing service in around 36 languages and hence serves the customers from all over the world. Now if you are planning to get this mailing service then you have to know that this is just the simple process where you need to go to the official site of the fastmail followed by looking for the services that are best suited to you and then have to pay for that. In order to know more about this you can simply dial the fastmail tech support number.

As you do the payments at the same time you get an emial address as well as the password and you can simply use those credentials in order to set up the fastmail account and then use it according to your needs. Now once you have done the set up then the fastmail emailing is at your service, you can use it for all the communications that take place in your company through the emails.

Fastmail Not Working on iPhone –

  • At the very first step you just have to open the settings app on your device followed by tapping on the mail option.

  • After that you just have to tap on the fastmail account from the list of various accounts that appear infront of you.

  • Then just tap on the accounts option followed by moving ahead to the advanced option.

  • After that you just have to go to the IMAP path prefix followed by tapping on the INBOX option.

By doing as written above the you will easily resolve the issue of fastmail not working on iphone.

Fastmail Password Recovery –

  • You have to first of all use the fastmail account password  recovery tool and once the link opens then you have to simply open that tool followed by entering the user name.​_

  • After that you have to simply enter the username followed by verifying that you are not a robot.

  • Once you do so then you have to just click on the start recovery option in order to do the fastmail password recovery

  • After that you just have to enter the last password that you remember and then tap on the continue button.

  • Once you do so then you just have to tap the send button in order to get the verification code.

Just in case you have any other issues then you can simply call the techies to get the help for fastmail password recovery.

Fastmail SMTP Not Working –

  • You have to first of all gain the knowledge about the SMTP settings of the fastmail account.

  • And then you have to do the smtp fastmail settings by entering the required port number for the incoming and the outgoing mail servers.

  • And at the end you just have to choose a secured SSL connection and you are done with the process of dealing with the issue of fastmail SMTP not working.

The issues related to the fastmail may be various nature i.e big or the small one but you need not have to loose the faith in the company. Since the company tries its best to provide you the glitch free services from issues like Fastmail SMTP not working or fastmail not working on iPhone issue. You just have to get in touch with the right people.

How to Reset and Recover Bellsouth Email Password?

Reset Bellsouth Email Password

Bellsouth – it is also known by the name of Bellsouth Corporation which is an American telecommunications company . Bellsouth email has made communication much easier on the personal as well on the professional front and hence made communication effective. Bellsouth also provides its services in Southeast United States for the AT&T fast access internet service and the email address also ends in , in order to make the email secure with the technology growing faster its is password protected and yes this is also true that at times it becomes almost impossible to remember the password so the Bell South email has the option to reset the email password one can do the same online and can also seek help from Bellsouth phone number.


How to reset Bellsouth email password – if one has forgotten the password there is nothing to panic about the concern can be sorted easily through reset Bellsouth email password, in order to provide services error free as we know the services and the concern go hand in hand in order to sort the same one can seek the help from the Bellsouth customer support phone number.


Reset Bellsouth email password can be dome in the following ways –


Using a temporary password – one can only opt for this option regarding the reset Bellsouth email password if any other email is registered to the account , then take the following steps


· First and foremost one has to go on the forgot password page


· Click on password


· One will be required to enter the BellSouth email address which is linked to the account and the last name and click on continue


· Click on the option Send me a temporary password , if you have not received the email can seek for the clarification by dialling Bellsouth phone number


· Open the email and enter the same password in the given field and follow the instructions in order to create the new password



Using the security questions – if the individual does not have any other email linked to the account , one can also reset Bellsouth email password by answering the questions in the following way


· First and foremost go on the forgot password page


· Click on password


· One will be required to enter the Bellsouth email address and the last name


· Among the available options select the I will answer my security questions


· Once the answer has be correctly answered , if the individual finds oneself in the baffling situation can get the clarification from Bellsouth phone number and continue


· One has to follow the onscreen instructions to create the new password


By taking the steps mentioned above one will bale to reset Bellsouth email password and hence will be able to use the email, if one wants to get more clarification the same can be done by speaking to the expert on Bellsouth phone number as well the Bellsouth customer service support phone number.


Benefits of Bellsouth Email customer support phone number –

As the individual is growing with the technology there are chances that the individual comes across some concern which can be taken care by the expert and some of its benefits are as following


· It provides its services across the globe 24*7


· The expert makes sure that the customer satisfaction is taken care and it is given the priority


· The support team ensure that the individual is provided the solution on the very first call


How Can I Reset my SbcGlobal Email Password in iPhone?

Reset SbcGlobal Email Password in iPhone –


SbcGlobal email is one of the preferred email services for many of the users. There are many who use this service to get all sorts of business as well as personal work done. So it is necessary that user account work in an efficient manner and that too all the time. But during the recent times there have been complaints that many user have been facing reset SbcGlobal Password in iPhone issue. This usually occurs because users do not reset their Sbcglobal password at regular intervals. Hackers have got nothing to do but access the users account through harmful ways and do some destruction into their account. So in order to ensure that such things do not happen into the users account it is necessitated that they reset SbcGlobal Password at regular intervals.


Steps for Easy Reset SbcGlobal Password in iPhone :


Step 1: Users can first of all visit the Yahoo page and then click on the mail icon from the top right corner.



Step 2: Once that has been done in an effective manner then they can next enter the mail account id and password and when logged in then click on your name from the upper left hand corner and then click on Yahoo account info.



Step 3: User can once again enter their account password and when done then click on “Manage passwords and account security” which will take users to the AT&T online account management page.



Step 4: User can now once again enter the mail account id and password where they will taken to the page where they can enter and confirm the new password of their mail account.



Step 5: Finally they can click on “Submit” to get the things done. Once that has been done then users can simply login to their account with their username and password and they will certainly find reset SbcGlobal Password in iPhone issue easily resolved.


Instant Support For Reset SbcGlobal Email Password issue –

Basically there are two effective and legit methods which have been accepted by most of the users in order to fix reset SbcGlobal Email Password in iPhone issue. One of the easiest methods through which such reset SbcGlobal Email Password in iPhone issue can be easily resolved is by seeking assistance from some of the best technicians in the market. They are available all through the day and all through the year solely to resolve users reset SbcGlobal Email Password in iPhone issue within a very short span of time.



There are different modes of assistance through which customer technical issues can be resolved if they are not being able to follow the above mentioned step by step procedure. These modes are remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support. But each of the modes is subjected to certain conditions like location and availability of the technicians at that particular point of time. Remote assistance can be given to the users of they want to get their issues and errors resolved by remote access of their system. If the issue is very much critical then onsite assistance should be the preferred mode as in this case the technicians will visit the customer place to perform the troubleshooting steps and get the reset SbcGlobal Email Password in iPhone issue resolved. In case none of the modes are working for the users then the best thing which can be done by the customer is simply live mail them and then the issue should certainly be resolved. If the technicians are online then live chatting can be used as well to get the issue resolved.



In case if you are looking for the other way through which your issue reset SbcGlobal Email Password in iPhone can be resolved then that is none other than the manual procedure. This method is especially beneficial for those customers who have sound knowledge in the technical domain. They can anytime follow the below mentioned step by step procedure and get one stop solution for the reset Sbcglobal password issue. Users should not feel shy at all in case they are following the below mentioned step and are getting stuck somewhere in the middle. They should definitely seek assistance at that point of time itself so that Sbcglobal password reset issue can be resolved on an instant basis. In that way users will not lose any of their important productivity as well as time.


How to Fix iPhone Not Ringing for Calls?

iPhone Not Ringing –

It happens with the iPhone. You are waiting for an important call eagerly. While you check the iPhone, you find that you already missed it. It is quite frustrating. Many iPhone users have reported this issue that there phone doesn’t ringing at all for any calls and text messages or iPhone not ringing only vibrating. This article is dedicated to resolve the issue of iPhone not ringing sometimes.


— > Volume Button

Everybody knows it but you should check it twice, weather the volume button is up or not. If it is towards the screen, the volume is up.


–> Do Not Disturb Mode

Sometimes , person put the iPhone into Do Not Disturb mode while doing any important work or in any meeting or may be while sleeping. Later he may forget to Off it. Sometimes it happens by mistake and then user doesn’t even know about that. 

  1. User can see the Moon icon on the home screen if the iphone is in Do not Disturb mode.
  2. User can easily swipe the icon showing moon.
  3. Then in the box appears, tap on Off.
  4. User can go to Settings and then tap on Do Not Disturb. Here , user can see various options to set the iphone to Do Not Disturb mode and schedule it so that it get OFF automatically. 
  5. These points can resolve the issue of iPhone not ringing for calls.


Still iPhone not ringing?

Many times users check all the above points and still these things doesn’t works and user faces the problem that iPhone not ringing only vibrating. Now this time, it may be the hardware issue. While using headphones, it may happen that the port get damaged. iPhone takes it as the “headphone connected” but actually they are not. This way, iPhone not ringing for calls. User should try to clean the port with a soft cloth or brush and try again. This is the problem “iPhone struck in headphone mode”. User can buy the brush to clean the port , from any electronics shop or can buy online too. 


Instant Solution for iPhone not Ringing –

Switch Off and On the iPhone again. If still the problem persists , then user should take the iPhone to the shop where technicians are present to look for the issue. It can be a software issue, update issue or any other. The executives there are certified technicians and thus they can look after the problem efficiently. They can tell the user about the exact root of the issue. User can call at the iPhone technical support number. The executives can guide few troubleshooting steps to recover the issue. If not then user have to take the iPhone to the nearest Apple Store to check for other hardware or software issues.

How to Fix Google Voice Not Working on iPhone?

Google Voice not working on iPhone –

Introduced by Google and known for its time-saving features, Google Voice is a telephony service which makes it possible to get varied data within a few seconds. It is widely acknowledged for its voice action feature which is used to search for the details of any person, object or place. Google Voice enables the users to choose a U.S. telephone number from available numbers in selected area codes. It also allows the users for text messaging, call forwarding, and voice mail services. Nevertheless, there are situations when this Google Voice not working on iPhone or iPad despite its out-of-the-box design. Today you will get to know the probable methods of dealing with the situation.

— > Turning on Ok Google


  • Open the GOOGLE app

  • Go to the top-left corner of the HOME screen

  • Here you are supposed to click on your PROFILE IMAGE

  • Click on VOICE SEARCH then

  • Turn on your desired hot word – OK Google

You will find the UPDATE icon if you navigate the GOOGLE app page. Click on it and get the latest version if Google Voice not working on your iDevice. These are two simple steps by which you can get the Google app updated. You are already with the latest version if the OPEN icon appears instead of UPDATE. In that case, you are supposed to follow the second method; i.e., turning on Ok Google.

— > Repeating the hotword

Do not worry if Google Voice not working on iPhone. Maybe the device is not getting your voice clearly due to extra noise. That is the reason, repeating the desired hotword is the other reliable method of getting the problem solved. Say OK GOOGLE multiple times and get the problem solved. Plus, turn off the background noise if you are in a place with a loud voice.

Instant Support For Google Voice Not Working on iPhone –

The last thing you are urged to do is to initiate a conversation with the technical support team. You have multiple means to get in touch with the officials of the technical team if Google Voice not working on iDevices. By several stages of analysis, the Google management has recruited one of the finest teams of technical support engineers. This team is capable enough to deal with all the functionality issues of Google Voice. The contracted engineers make the use of latest tools and trendy technologies in resolving the most rated issues. In addition to that, they are attending weekly training sessions to improve the quality of work and get updated with the recent changes in the technological world.

How to Fix MSN Email Not Working on iPhone?

Why my MSN not working on iPhone?

MSN is the webmail service from Microsoft. It consists of an effective search engine from Microsoft, news, entertainment, blogs, and other updates, etc. Thousands of people around the world use MSN email account for their personal as well as official use. The account can be added to any smartphone and can be configured with any email client application. Likewise, MSN can also be added in the iPhone. When added, the person can access his MSN account from anywhere, can send and receive emails, manage calendars, etc. But there may be the case when the user finds that MSN email not working on iPhone.

We have various issues in MSN account but we have introduced the solutions for it. There are many troublesome issues come in the MSN account, but we have solutions for it. Everyone has one question in their mind that How to fix MSN not working on iPhone but we have solutions for it. It is supported in every device like laptop, PC or any phone.

It is an interesting email service which is developed by Microsoft. It consists of various things like news, blogs, updates and many more. It is used for both purposes – individual or in business organizations. You can configure the account anywhere, anytime. The most common problem is MSN email not working on iPhone but we have introduced the solutions for it.

Reasons Why MSN Email Not Working on iPhone 

~ Check the email id and password whether they are entered correctly or not.

~ Then check the incoming and outgoing server settings. For the incoming server, it is and for an outgoing server, it is

~ The incoming port is 995 and the outgoing port is 25.

~ Make sure that SSL is ON for both the servers.

~ Test the connection again.

~ If there is any problem then the user should remove the account completely and try to add it again.

~ The MSN email not working on iPhone may be due to the Microsoft server issue itself so be patient and wait for some time.

~ Maybe the MSN account is hacked, that may be the worst case. Try to login to the MSN account from any laptop or system and check whether the password is working or not. If you find that the account has been hacked then try to change the password and then in the iPhone settings, remove the account and add it again with the new password.

If still user is facing the problem of MSN email not working then he should consult with the MSN customer support. When the work is important and there is no time to search over the internet for the solutions, the user should immediately call at the MSN tech support phone number.

What are the possible solutions to fix MSN Email not working on iPhone?

It is easy to fix MSN email problems. There are many solutions to fix MSN email not working on my iPhone.

  • Check your internet connection: Make sure you have active internet connection in your device. If your internet connection is poor, then you will suffer this type of problem in your iPhone. You should turn off the modem and then switch it again. Troubleshoot your internet and then check the issue is fixed or not.
  • Check the mail server: You should check the mail server properly. It is working properly or not. They generally have some authentication problems in the device. You should check them properly.
  • Check Mail Settings in iOS: You should check email settings on your IOS. You should confirm the email settings.
  1. Go to the settings and then click on accounts and password option.
  2. Tap email account that is cannot get email error messages.
  3. Now, you need to login to your account.
  • Check for email server problems: There are many types of email server’s problems. You should check the email server problems. Troubleshoot all the problems of mail and then check the issue is fixed or not.
  • Reboot the iPhone: You should reboot the iPhone to fix the issue of email not working. Troubleshoot your email and check the issue is fixed or not.

These are the simple and easy steps to fix the issue of MSN not working on iPhone. If you need help regarding msn account, you can contact to customer service. They will guide you and will provide you the proper assistance. You can even visit to the help desk.

Instant Support for MSN not Working problem

Users can contact the experts either by sending the email about the problem or he can directly call at the MSN customer support number for tech support. The technical support is all the time available. The person can make a call at any time. The executives are certified and experienced technicians and thus the user should be assured of the most effective tech support. The executives can provide a precise solution to why MSN email not working, within a very little time duration. They are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. With the help of the best support, access MSN back into your iPhone within no longer time.

How to fix iPhone not charging?

Indeed, the iPhone is one of the incredible smartphones produced and designed by Apple Inc. that offers users with the finest features and services that has made various tasks simpler and easier. All in all, one can say the iPhone is an incredible device, but there are a few users who have encountered charging issues with the device. So, for the users who are encountering charging issues with the iPhone.

Many iPhone users face iPhone not charging problem that even while plugged into the charging cable, the iPhone not charging properly or not charging. For the best use of any mobile device , it must be charged fully or enough to access apps. If not so then it becomes irritating. To avoid iPhone not charging issue, user should check out for the reasons responsible for this problem.

Reasons why iPhone not charging Properly 

  • The charging port in the device is dirty or damaged.
  • The charging accessories i.e. the USB cable or the adapter is damaged
  • There may be problem with the power source.
  • May be the charging accessories are not from Apple or not certified.

 iPhone can be charged through three ways 

–> First, connect the charger with a power source on the wall.

–> Second , user can connect it with the USB cable through laptop.

–> Third is to connect with a power back up device.

So, when user finds that the iPhone is not charging , user has to check out from where it is charging. Problem may be in the USB port or may be there is no power in the power back up device or may be the ports are damaged or dirty. User should make sure that the power back up device is also Apple certified

Put the iPhone in the charger for at least 30 minutes , if you see the lightening bolt sign , after plug in for charging.

User can follow few things to get the iPhone charged 

  1. If even after 30 minutes, iPhone wont charge and you don’t see any battery and the screen is black or froze then press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time for few seconds till the Apple logo appears.
  2. Then connect with the charger again.
  3. If the charging port is not clean, clean it up and remove the dirt and debris if there are any and connect with the charger again.
  4. iPhone not charging if the charging device is not apple certified. User can see the alert message if the device is not supported, so make sure that the device is perfect.
  5. The iPhone should have the latest version of iOS.
  6. If you iPhone not charging after 75% to 80 % , then it may be due to the heat , it is producing during charging or accessing.
  7. Try to remove the unwanted apps and files to create space.
  8. Also try to keep the iPhone temperature down and charge it again.
  9. Keep charging in a cooler place.

Instant Help for iPhone Not Charging issue 

If still the iPhone not charging then ask the nearest Apple store executive about the issue. User can call at the Apple technical support phone number which is all the time active and having executives on the line always to provide necessary tech support.


How to Fix Google Pixel Speaker Not Working?

Obtain detailed information on knowing how to fix Google Pixel Speaker not working immediately!!


More on Google Speakers :


Google Pixel Speaker are high end speakers that are built on the Google Assistant Technology. The customer may adjust the audio as per the requirement of the surroundings and thus enable them to listen to the music of their choice whenever the user wish to listen to the music. At times the customer may face the issue of Google Pixel not working.


How to fix the issue of Google Pixel Speaker not working?


The costomer may follow the step stated below in order to fix of Google Pixel not working. For this they needs to follow the set of instructions listed below. By following and executing these steps in an ordered manner, they may get the issue Google pixel speaker not working fixed.


  • They needs to restart the device first of all.
  • Restarting of the device helps to fix the issue of Google Pixel not working.
  • Then they needs to go to settings.
  • Under the settings section, the user needs to go to Wi-Fi.
  • Then the users need to toggle the feature off and on. These steps will help the users in fixing the issue of Google Pixel Speaker not working.
  • After this the user needs to make sure that the Airplane mode is turned off.
  • Finally the user needs to remove the network that the user is  trying to connect to by going to the settings section and then to  Wi-Fi.
  • The users may  then select the network.
  • Then the users may then see that they have successfully fix the issue.


These are some of the ways by which the users may fix Google Pixel not working. The expert provide all the solution in a well detailed manner in order to fix the issue. These experts are well trained in providing the right assistance to fix the issue that the customer might be facing. The users may get instant help and assistance to fix the issue of Google Pixel Speaker not working.


Get the correct guidance from the technical experts :


The user may get the appropriate assistance from the technical experts who are proficient and possess a lot of knowledge. These experts help the users to fix the issue of Google Pixel not Working. These experts provide the right assistance in providing the detailed information. The steps provided by the customer are well explained and are provided in an ordered manner so that the users may get rid of the issue that the users might be facing. If the users follow the steps of instructions in a proper manner, then the users will be able to fix the issue of Google Pixel not working. The experts provide the solution in a lucid language.


What are the benefits of speaking to the techies?


There are many advantages of talking to the experts. The major benefit is this that the users may speak to the technical experts for getting the issues resolved. The users may speak to the technical experts for getting the issue of Google Pixel not working get resolved. The experts provide feasible and practical solution to fix the issues. The issues can be complex but if treated properly , then the users may get rid of the issue as soon as possible. These experts have years of experience in resolving the issues related to Google Pixel not working. Thus the users may provide the detailed knowledge in fixing the issues faced by the users. All the steps to fix the issue are provided in a well structures format so that the users may understand these steps well and thus get the right assistance to fix the issue in less time. The sequential execution of the steps stated above will let the user help resolve the issue of Google Pixel not working.


How to Fix Roku Not Working with New Router?

Know Roku Before know the reasons why Roku not working with new router !!

Roku is a streaming player or in other simple words we can say that Roku is a series of digital media setup boxes fashioned and produced by Roku incorporated. Roku provides its users with a wide variety of content by making a large number of channels available to the users. It is giving competition to the cable organisations as all the Roku users are fully satisfied with Roku and its services. Roku not working with new router will be an issue. But before that following are some reasons why people love Roku streaming player :



  • Cost – The cost of setting up a Roku device is cheap and generally in budget. It is very convenient for everyone to set up a Roku device and start to enjoy online content on their television.


  • Simplicity – It is very simple to use Roku as you just have to quickly install Roku to your computer and your computer is unaffected by its use. So that roku not working issue will not arise.


  • Flexibility – It allows the user to choose from three different models. Each model has different features and supports both wired and wireless Internet connections and most television connection cables as well. So compatibility should not be a problem.


  • Remote Control – The remote control feature makes it easier and effortless to change channels.


  • Future-Proof – Roku is always working to better its technology. It updates its software every now and then to support new channels and techniques.


How it works –

The process for setting up the Roku device is mostly the same as it is for setting up any usual digital media player :



  • First you have to connect the Roku to your television and plug it in and switch the input of your TV.


  • Second you have to connect the Roku to the Internet.


  • Third you have to sign up for a Roku account.


  • Lastly you will have to associate to the content providers you want to watch/use.


Well while working with any technical device you may sometimes face some technical disturbances and problems, same is the case with Roku like Roku not working with the new router. Some common problems are that Roku not working with the new router, the Roku remote might not work, and it may not be able to catch the signals and many more. You may contact the Roku customer support for solving such problem. Your Roku streaming player streams audios and videos though the internet therefore you need a very good internet connection to stream good quality audios and videos quickly and without any buffering. If Roku not working then corrective measures are meant to be taken.


How to fix Roku not working with new router?

Good internet speed is necessary for smooth and efficient performance of the Roku device. Sometimes the Roku device may not be able to connect to the wireless network because of some technical issues. If Roku not working properly due to the new router then you may follow the following steps for Roku not working issue –


  • Enter the correct name of you router – If Roku not working properly then you should ensure that you are selecting the right wireless network name or it will cause your wireless network connection to fail. Make sure that you are entering the right name and password.


  • Enter the password correctly – It is a very common mistake made by the users. This is one of the common reason of your Roku not working. They enter the wrong password so you should make sure that you are entering the correct password. You may visit the support site if you are having trouble remembering your password.


  • Ensure tha​t your router is functioning properly – If Roku not working then you can check that your router is working properly by connecting your computer or mobile device to the router and then try accessing the internet by opening any a public website. If you can connect to the internet from another device it means that your router is functioning properly and you can move to the next step. If you are not able to connect to the internet then you may try restarting your wireless connection.


  • Enhancing the router signal strength – If all of the above steps are fine then it is likely that the signal strength of your router is weak. The farther the router from your Roku devices and the more of obstacles in between the router and Roku device like cupboards and walls, more are the chances of weak signals. You must ensure these tips to help improve your router signal strength.


  • Restart your Roku device and your router – If all of the above steps fail you might try restarting your Roku device and your router –

  1.  To restart your Roku player first go to Settings then System then System restart.

  2.  To restart your Roku TV, you have to first go to the Settings then System then Power and then System restart. You can also remove the plug of the Roku device from the power source, wait a few moments, and then plug it back in.

  3.  To restart your router, you have to check the instructions from your ISP or router vendor. In some cases, you can simply unplug it and plug it back in to the power source while in some other cases it requires pressing a reset button on the device.

To resolve issues like Roku not working etc you can contact the customer support team also for any further assistance or queries related to any topic.

How to fix HP Printer not Working with Mac?

HP Printer –

HP printer and Mac laptops both are popular and successful products in their respective domains.

If you are using HP printer with Mac and suddenly you face the problem of hp printer not working with mac i.e. when you give command to print, the printer denies to print, then, you need to troubleshoot the issue.


Steps to Troubleshoot issue of HP Printer not Working –


  • When you give command from your Mac laptop to the HP printer and it shows the offline mode once the command has been sent, then, it is signifies that HP printer not working.


  • There may be connectivity issue between the printer and the Mac, when hp printer is not working with Mac because the offline messages happen when the Mac cannot communicate with the computer, to make the computer online you need to check if you have a USB printer connection or you have a network printer connection.


  • If You have a USB Printer Connection.


  • Turn off the printer and then wait five seconds.


  • Disconnect the USB cable from the rear of the printer.


  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power button.


  • It might happen that the printer would make noise and start printing the page, wait until printer becomes idle and silent.


  • Wait for five seconds and then reconnect the USB cable to printer, make sure the connection is intact by applying the enough pressure.If it starts printing, wait until it stops the printing.


  • Try printing again.


  • If its starts printing, then , go on and continue to use the printer.


  • If HP printer not working then, continue to next step to reset the printer.

If You Have a Network Printer Connection –



  • Check if your printer is being displayed in the printer list on your computer .


  • Restart your computer and wait for the printer to become idle.


  • You need to restart your printer if the connection is not restored even after restarting.


  • If you are using your network for any other purpose like browsing, searching, downloading, stop all these activities.


  • Wait for 10 seconds after disconnecting the power cord from the router.


  • Now, again you need to plug in the power cord and wait until the router initialises. After initialisation, establish a new connection to your Internet Service Provider.


  • A usual internet activity light is displayed which indicates a normal state before continuing.


  • You need to do it again until you solve the issue of HP printer not working with Mac.


  • You need to restart the computer and wait until it becomes idle.


  • You need to click the Apple icon , once your mac system restarts


  • Click on System Preferences.


  • After clicking on System Preferences, click on Printers and Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan to open the Printers list.


  • From Printers list, click on your HP printer , and then click on Open Print Queue.


  • If you see the printer in the device list and mac systems is showing the printer options, this signifies that the printer is connected to the network.

The above troubleshooting methods are useful for making your HP printer to get into the state from HP printer not working to working state.