How Do I Setup New Mac?

We would like to congratulate you for the new device. It is a great
thing that you got a MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro. But you
don’t know how to configure it. It’s okay, here we will help you to
setup your new Mac, and all you have to do is just following the
instruction and pay some attention. To know, how to set up Mac, the
first thing you are supposed to do is to hit the power button. It will
power up your Computer.


1. You will be asked about the preferred language by the appeared


2. Select your [Preferred Language] and click [Continue].


3. Select a keyboard layout and click [Continue].


4. Choose your [WI-FI network], and enter [Password].


5. Go for Ethernet cable if you don’t have a WI-FI network.


6. Here, you can Transfer your information from an old Mac or PC
to your new computer.


7. Select the Option [Not Now] if you don’t want to transfer your
old information to your new Computer.


8. [Enable] location services.


9. Now you have to make a sign in with your Apple ID.


10. Choose iCloud and Apps Store iTunes service which is essential if
you have owned a Mac.


11. Select the [Agree] button in Term and Conditions page


12. Set up [iCloud] and select [Continue].


13. Also, set up your Messaging.


14. Select [iCould For Find My Mac].


15. Create your Computer Account, type Full name, Account Name, and


16. Select your [Time Zone] and hit [Continue].


17. Register your Product now.


18. Congratulations! You have done with it.


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