How to Unlock Disabled iPhone?

If you have an iPhone and if it has been disabled/locked then it’s time to
unlock your iphone. Now it is quite clear to us that if you are here
then you don’t know much about the unlocking procedure so we want to
tell you that there is no need to worry and we are saying this because
below mentioned are the steps to troubleshoot this issue.


Step-1 The first step which every user needs to do is to create a backup of
all the data present in his iPhone.


Step-2 Along with that, the user has to erase his device so that the
passcode which is being shown on the screen can be removed easily.


Step-3 Moreover, the user has three options to erase his device and they are via iTunes, via iCloud and via Recovery Mode. The user is free to choose any of the options between these three.


Image result for three ways to back up data of iphone


Step-4 All of the three different methods will get you the answer to your
question – How to unlock a disabled iPhone.


In case, if the users have to face any kind of problem, which is rare to
occur then they should not get tensed and should immediately get in
touch with the customer care agents of the iPhone Support Team.

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