How to Fix Android Not Responding?

Nowadays, the Android device is a popular device that works on android operating system to perform their task. It can be smartphone, tablet PC, e-book reader or any kind of mobile device that requires an OS.  Sometimes, the user faces different types of issues in the android device like crashing, freezing, not responding and many others. No need to panic as we have introduced various ways to fix the android device issue. Besides all this, we should also know that why is android not responding. You should read the reasons given below.

Why is Android not Responding

Following are the basic reasons for Android not responding:

  • Slow internet connection: This is the basic reason behind the issue of android devices not responding. If you have weak or slow internet connection, then you will face these types of issues.
  • Settings configuration problem: If you have set up the wrong settings in the android device, then you will face such issues.
  • Stored cache memory and app data: There are some cache and app data stored in the device that can create problems in android devices.
  • Out-dated version of the app: If you have not updated the application, then you will have these types of issues in your android device.

Ways to fix Android not responding:

  • Quit the app and restart your android device: To fix the issue, you need to quit all the apps and restart the device again. After that, check if the device is working fine or not.
  • Update the application: Make sure you update the applications otherwise it will create problems in the android device. Check if the issue is solved or not.
  • Clear cache and app data: The user should remove all the cache and app data from the device otherwise it causes hindrance to the android device. Check if this way works or not.
  • Reinstall the apps: You can even uninstall the applications and reinstall it again so that the device can work properly. Check if the issue is solved or not.
  • Contact the customer agent: If you are unable to understand the problem, then you can directly contact app customer service. They will provide you the required solutions in no time.

With the above ways, the user can easily fix android not responding issue in a very simple manner. If you have any issue or have any kind of query, then you can contact Android customer support. The technical team will provide you the required solutions to your problems. Additionally, you can also visit the assistance table.

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