How to Fix Chromecast not Showing up on iPhone?

Ways to Resolve Chromecast not Showing Up on iPhone –


We all aware about the Google and various product used by the Google like its email service, app stores, web browser, social networking sites, blogging and and so on so forth. There are plenty of other things which are hardly known by the Common user. One such product of the google is Google Chromecast.


Are you aware about the Google chromecast ? Google chromecast is one of the leading online streaming video content application. It provides us the cheapest and simplest medium to stream your video content on your TV through HDMI port or through a USB cable. It allows multiple streaming services from netflix, YouTube and Hulu other various channels. User can use the services either from smartphone, computer and remote control. It also provide various cost benefits factor for using its service less than $70. But despite that user does face many problem the common problem is chromecast not showing up Iphone.


Steps to fix Chromecast not showing up on iPhone –


  • First of all, check whether Chromecast device is powered on.


  • Then make sure that chromecast device is connected to the same wifi network as your phone and then Google Home.


  • In order to check, user needs to go to the home screen and tap on the settings and then click on Wifi.


  • Wifi network that is listed in order to check whether blue check mark is connected with it or not.


  • Also make sure that your mobile phone device or tablet is connected to the same network.


  • User needs to verify the setting by turning on the bluetooth.


  • Make sure that slider is on and close out of the setting and then return.


Instant Solution For Chromecast not showing up on iPhone –


In case, you face any problem chromecast not showing up on iPhone , then user can take the assistance from the google technical support team. They have a highly qualified technical expert team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved on immediately.


 Follow these simple procedure to Fix Chromecast not found :


  • First of all, User needs to check whether its device is nearby and plugged properly in the wall outlet.


  • Then User needs to power on and then check whether led light is on the side or back of the device.


  • Again User needs to power on the button.


  • Further user must verify the settings by opening up your device settings app.


  • Tap on location and turn it on location in order to resolve chromecast not found.


  • Again tap on the location and google home app and click on Permission and then turn on location


  • And then complete the setup which might help in fixing the problem.

In this way you can easily resolve issue related to Chromecast not found. Here you will also get solution for Chromecast not showing up on iPhone.


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