How to Fix Earthlink Email not working on iPhone?

Why does Earthlink stopped working and how to fix it? 

In this digital era, all of us are addicted to using the internet. For chatting online via mail or communicating on social media applications, or shopping online and watching online videos on Youtube and much more. And for accessing all these online things we need a strong internet connection. And for all these online activities, the mobile internet is not always enough. And hence, for this reason, we all use Wi-Fi services.

Using Earthlink internet services 

For accessing Wi-Fi services, Earthlink service provider is one of the most used service providers in the USA and a lot of people prefer getting Earthlink service provider.

Earthlink web Services not working properly 

All the Wi-Fi connections need strong internet for online activities and if in case the internet connectivity slows down then Earthlink router stops working. A lot of people who sign up for the membership of the Earthlink often wonder why Earthlink not working properly. And to find more about the reasons why Earthlink is not working, tap below

Reasons behind Earthlink not working properly 

Slow internet speed

Most of us who use Wi-Fi service often complain of slow internet speed and are not able to access a lot of online applications. And this becomes a common reason for Earthlink not working properly.

Wi-Fi network disappears totally 

Sometimes Earthlink wifi network disappears totally. And this could be because of the router being reset automatically. And if in case the router gets reset then wifi network will get disappeared totally.

The network connects but no internet 

A lot of times when users connect their devices to the Earthlink Wi-Fi they don’t find any speed and most of the online applications remain offline only.

Router clashes now and then but gets resolved only gets fixed on restarting.

A lot of times router of the wi-fi connection stops working properly and keeps giving trouble and requires resetting now and then. And this continues hustle in internet connection becomes one of the biggest reasons why Earthlink internet stops working.

Methods to fix Earthlink not working 

If you face the issue of Earthlink not working properly then you can take the help of below-given methods to fix this error.

Troubleshooting steps to fix Earthlink not working 

  1. Make sure that you have attached the cable of the router properly. In case the cable is not attached properly then the router might lose the connection properly.
  2. Unplug the modem from the cable source and now leave the modem unplugged for a few minutes.
  3. Now shut down the computer and switch it off and plug the cable modem directly in the wall outlet.
  4. Now, wait for the few minutes for the modem to regain block sync.
  5. Next, check the lights of the modem if it’s blinking properly or not.
  6. And now check if your devices are connected online or not. If yes then the internet is fixed back.

Things to keep in mind while using the Earthlink not working 

  1. Keep checking the internet router from time to time. If there is an issue in the router then change it before it becomes too late.
  2. Make sure to recharge the service provider on time so that you don’t have to face any issue.
  3. Reset your router from time to time to avoid any connectivity.
  4. For precaution, call the technician team at regular intervals to check the device before any serious fault takes place.

And hence with the help of all these basic methods, you can easily fix the issue of Earthlink not working properly. If suppose the issue still does not resolve then you can contact the Earthlink support team for more guidance.

Earthlink Email Not Working on iPhone 

You are in the right place if you want to know how to resolve an update seen on your iPhone. This write-up will tell you how to fix an update viewed on your iPhone or iPad. There are multiple examples of Web Hosting customers who have SSL turned on in their email settings after the device is upgraded to iOS . Perhaps the easiest way to tackle the problem Earthlink not working on iPhone is to turn off the SSL option. Here is how you can do this.

Steps to Resolve Issues of Earthlink Not Working on iPhone  

  • Launch the [Home Screen] of your iPhone
  • Click on the [Settings] icon
  • Scroll downwards, and select [Mail, Contacts, Calendars]
  • Click on your Hosting account now
  • Now you need to configure your [Incoming Server Settings]
  • Scroll downwards and click on the [Advanced] button
  • Enter Hostname, Username, and Password
  • Make sure that the [Use SSL] is off; it will turn gray
  • Enter 110 as the [Incoming Server Port]
  • Configure [Outgoing Server Settings] now
  • Scroll downwards and click on the [Outgoing Server Settings] icon
  • Plus, click on the [Primary Server] name
  • Enter Hostname, Username, and Password
  • Make sure that the [Use SSL] is off; it will turn gray
  • Enter 110 as the [Outgoing Server Port]
  • Press the [Done] button when you are done with the server settings

For Instant Solution contact Earthlink Support

The new set of settings will enable your iPhone to perform or send emails. If you have some more queries to be asked related to the concerned issue or earthlink not working on iPhone, you can dial Earthlink customer service phone number. This number will enable you to share your query with experienced customer care professionals who are committed to doing this job. These experts are known for their apparent character, professional attitude, and willingness to deliver. By putting their cent percent efforts, they will not allow you to raise the issue Earthlink email not working on iPhone again.



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