How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Windows 10?

Google Chrome not working in Windows 10?

How to fix Google Chrome if it not working in Windows 10 after creators update?

Google Chrome not working after Windows 10 creators update

Google Chrome not working in Windows 10

Google Chrome crashes after Windows 10 creators update

You have updated your Windows 10 with Creators Update, Fall Creators Update Version 1709, or other cumulative updates. Now you are unable to browse because your favourite web browser – Google Chrome – is not working. Maybe it has crashed by the Windows update. Or perhaps you browse engine is failing to connect the network. Some of the genuine ways of tackling this problem; i.e., Google Chrome not working; have been discussed on this page.

Start Google Chrome after turning off the Hardware Acceleration

  • Open Google Chrome


  • Navigate the [Settings] page


  • Go to the top left corner of the page and click on [Menu]


  • Expand the [Advanced] entry


  • Now you will need to select the [System] option


  • Hit the [Use hardware acceleration] when it is available to [Off]


  • Here you will be asked to restart the browser


  • Click [RELAUNCH] then

Start Google Chrome after modifying the browser properties

Modifying the properties of Google Chrome is one of the exceptional ways to tackle the concerned issue – Google Chrome not working Windows 10. It is ideal for you if the first method doesn’t solve your problem. It is also suitable for you if you have to open Chrome with Windows Security Shield mark. Open the .exe or shortcut file of the browser and run it as an Administrator. Click [Properties] after making right-click on the Google Chrome icon. You have to select the compatibility tab and click on the [Change Settings]. Apply it to all users’ option. To move forward, you need to unchecked the box, in Compatibility mode, against the [Run This Program. Here you are instructed to check the [Run This Program] box. Do it as an Administrator option and save all the changes. Hopefully, you won’t tell Google Chrome not working anymore.

Start Google Chrome by adding Reliable Multicast Protocol

  • You can troubleshoot the error by the addition of Reliable Multicast Protocol


  • Press Windows icon key + R, and launch the command prompt


  • Type ncpa.cpl in the box and click [Enter]


  • It will enable you to open the [Network Connections] by clicking on it​_


  • Click on the currently running network adapter, and select the [Properties] option


  • Locate [Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol] by scrolling downward


  • Click [Install] then


  • Go to the next window and highlight the [Protocol] button


  • Plus, highlight [Reliable Multicast Protocol]


  • Press [Ok] to apply the changes

Start Google Chrome after dialling the Google Chrome Helpline Number – 

Did any of the method as mentioned earlier solve your issue, Google Chrome not working  windows 10? If no, find out the last one. The fourth method is powerful than all the previously discussed method. You must be familiar with this method, dialling the universal helpline number. Not only the concerned, but this helpline number is also ideal to resolve the installation and functionality problems in Google Chrome. Powered by a team of skilled troubleshooting experts, Google Chrome Helpline Number is instrumental in addressing this issue within three to eight minutes. It is committed to delivering the best quality without making any delay or inconvenience.

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