How to Fix Google Chromecast not Working on iPhone?

What needs to be done when Google Chromecast not working on iPhone !


Google chromecast is streaming media player which is used for downloading new music, playing new music files and listen video. It is used for playing game and use other type of Information on your TV from the Internet. It provides fantastic features but user may face some technical error with it.


In this article we will discuss you how to solve the issues related to Chromecast not working so that you may use it properly without having any tension.


When you use Google chromecast on iPhone then there might be so many reason when it does not work in a proper way. If Google chromecast not working on iphone then you need to take support form Google support team. Google provides highly experienced technician to resolve all the issues. They will tell you what type of problem you may face.


Problems Occur when Google Chromecast not Working –


  • How to install Google chromecast on iPhone?
  • What to do when it is unable to play online music?
  • How to fix when you are getting Internal server error?
  • What to do when you are unable to solve basic chromecast and ultra chromecast issue?
  • How to setup Google chromecast on iPhone?


If you are getting any of above issue then Google chromecast will not work in a proper way. If Google chromecast not working then you need to troubleshoot all the issues related to it.


Solution to fix Chromecast not Working issues –


  • You will have to force quit the application: for this , you need to go to the home screen of iPhone then double click on the Home button to find the multitask tray. Now tap on the home button to finish. If Google chromecast not working then You will have to turn off the Chromecast and wait for sometime. After that again you will have to turn it on.


  • If Google chromecast not working on iPhone then you need to check the version you are using, if it is not latest version then you will have to update it with latest version.You will have to tap on X icon which will show at the upper corner to delete the previous app. Now you will have to go to the App store to reinstall the chromecast application from there.


  • Work with Chromecast if Google chromecast not working then You are required to check the available updates to your Chromecast device, for this go to the settings option then select the general and tap on the software update.


Now you need to check the Google chromecast on your device.If Google chromecast not working then you need to reset your network settings. For this you need to ensure that you know the network name and password because you will have to enter this information to rest the network. After That you are required to go to the setting option. Here you will have to select the General option then click on the reset network settings.

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