How to Fix Google Voice Not Working on iPhone?

Google Voice not working on iPhone –

Introduced by Google and known for its time-saving features, Google Voice is a telephony service which makes it possible to get varied data within a few seconds. It is widely acknowledged for its voice action feature which is used to search for the details of any person, object or place. Google Voice enables the users to choose a U.S. telephone number from available numbers in selected area codes. It also allows the users for text messaging, call forwarding, and voice mail services. Nevertheless, there are situations when this Google Voice not working on iPhone or iPad despite its out-of-the-box design. Today you will get to know the probable methods of dealing with the situation.

— > Turning on Ok Google


  • Open the GOOGLE app

  • Go to the top-left corner of the HOME screen

  • Here you are supposed to click on your PROFILE IMAGE

  • Click on VOICE SEARCH then

  • Turn on your desired hot word – OK Google

You will find the UPDATE icon if you navigate the GOOGLE app page. Click on it and get the latest version if Google Voice not working on your iDevice. These are two simple steps by which you can get the Google app updated. You are already with the latest version if the OPEN icon appears instead of UPDATE. In that case, you are supposed to follow the second method; i.e., turning on Ok Google.

— > Repeating the hotword

Do not worry if Google Voice not working on iPhone. Maybe the device is not getting your voice clearly due to extra noise. That is the reason, repeating the desired hotword is the other reliable method of getting the problem solved. Say OK GOOGLE multiple times and get the problem solved. Plus, turn off the background noise if you are in a place with a loud voice.

Instant Support For Google Voice Not Working on iPhone –

The last thing you are urged to do is to initiate a conversation with the technical support team. You have multiple means to get in touch with the officials of the technical team if Google Voice not working on iDevices. By several stages of analysis, the Google management has recruited one of the finest teams of technical support engineers. This team is capable enough to deal with all the functionality issues of Google Voice. The contracted engineers make the use of latest tools and trendy technologies in resolving the most rated issues. In addition to that, they are attending weekly training sessions to improve the quality of work and get updated with the recent changes in the technological world.

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