Why is MSN Not Working on iPhone?

MSN is one of the best products of Microsoft, without any doubt. It is a great email service provider. You can easily create your account with MSN by using your iPhone. Make sure that you have made the registration through your mobile number. That'll ensure that your account is protected. There can be a situation where your MSN email might not work on your iPhone. Then you need to walk through the information provided below.  

The Possible Reasons for MSN Email not Working on iPhone 

There can be different reasons behind the malfunction of the MSN. Some of them are mentioned below. It'll certainly give you an idea about the reason behind MSN not working on iPhone. 

  • Connectivity issues with the internet. 
  • Due to some tech error in the browser, you cannot access the Email. 
  • There is some problem with the MSN account. 
  • Due to some faulty module, your MSN has crashed. 
  • In the MSN, third-party interference can affect the function of the Email. 
  • There can be a situation where your operating system is outdated. 
  • Maybe you're facing some server issues. 

What are the Possible Solutions to fix it?

There can be several reasons why your MSN is not working. You only need to ensure that you have walked through the troubleshooting steps provided below. You can follow the guide ahead. 

Check the Connection to the Internet:

You need to check the internet connection. You only need to ensure that you have reloaded the browser page. If the browser is not loading even after that, there must be some issue with the internet connection. Follow the path to get it fixed. 

  • It would help if you disconnected the router from all the devices. Now restart the router. 
  • You need to check if the internet plan you're using is active or not. 
  • Ensure you check that the airplane mode is not turned on on your iPhone.

You can even call up the tech team of your internet service provider. They'll also arrange an appointment if it cannot be resolved over the phone. In that manner, your case will be cleared in a short time. 

Make Sure to Update the Browser

There can be a situation where your web browser is not current. In that case, you must ensure that you have updated your browser from the app store. The latest version of the application will remove all the bugs and errors.

From your end, you need to ensure that you have removed and erased the history. That will ensure that you don't face any hassle in the future with the updated version of the MSN. Updating will undoubtedly fix the issue if you are facing the problem of MSN not responding. 

Activate the MSN Account:

You need to check if the account you have with MSN is active or not. If it is not happening, that could be why you're facing the issue. You only need to ensure that you have visited the official website for activation. 

Troubleshoot the Fault Mode

You can quickly troubleshoot the fault mode. This mode can be the reason that MSN is not working. 

  • Select the "Start" button. 
  • In the search bar of the start button, you need to write "eventvwr." 
  • Now you need to hit the button to open it. 
  • Select the "Windows log."
  • Make the selection of the "Application." 
  • Click the "Filter current log" option.
  • You need to make a check on "error." 
  • Now upgrade the "all event IDs" to "1000." After that, you need to make the selection of the Ok button. 
  • You need to look for the "Faulting application." That is it, now close it. 

How to get Instant Support from MSN on Email Not Working Problems?

To get quick help from the MSN. You need to phone up their official number. In this way, you'll be able to find exemplary service for yourself. Calling is undoubtedly the fastest way to connect with MSN. 

You can go through the steps mentioned below to know the proper steps. 

  • Phone up on the official number of Microsoft. 
  • Now you'll come across the menu of Microsoft offered by the automated bot's service. 
  • Choose the options for tech issues. 
  • Now you can speak to Microsoft. 

That is it. The tech support is going to ensure that you get a quick resolution. 

How to get through MSN for Resolution?

Use the Live chat option to get through to MSN. For that, walk through the steps below. 

  • Get on the Microsoft official website. 
  • Click the support button. 
  • Once the new page is selected, choose the chat icon.
  • Select the suitable options in the chat box, and your chat will be moved to the executive. 

It is straightforward to get the resolution if your MSN is not responding on iPhone. Microsoft is there to help you seven days a week with the issue you're facing. 


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