How to Fix MSN Email Not Working on iPhone?

Why my MSN not working on iPhone?

MSN is the webmail service from Microsoft. It consists of an effective search engine from Microsoft, news, entertainment, blogs, and other updates, etc. Thousands of people around the world use MSN email account for their personal as well as official use. The account can be added to any smartphone and can be configured with any email client application. Likewise, MSN can also be added in the iPhone. When added, the person can access his MSN account from anywhere, can send and receive emails, manage calendars, etc. But there may be the case when the user finds that MSN email not working on iPhone.

We have various issues in MSN account but we have introduced the solutions for it. There are many troublesome issues come in the MSN account, but we have solutions for it. Everyone has one question in their mind that How to fix MSN not working on iPhone but we have solutions for it. It is supported in every device like laptop, PC or any phone.

It is an interesting email service which is developed by Microsoft. It consists of various things like news, blogs, updates and many more. It is used for both purposes – individual or in business organizations. You can configure the account anywhere, anytime. The most common problem is MSN email not working on iPhone but we have introduced the solutions for it.

Reasons Why MSN Email Not Working on iPhone 

~ Check the email id and password whether they are entered correctly or not.

~ Then check the incoming and outgoing server settings. For the incoming server, it is and for an outgoing server, it is

~ The incoming port is 995 and the outgoing port is 25.

~ Make sure that SSL is ON for both the servers.

~ Test the connection again.

~ If there is any problem then the user should remove the account completely and try to add it again.

~ The MSN email not working on iPhone may be due to the Microsoft server issue itself so be patient and wait for some time.

~ Maybe the MSN account is hacked, that may be the worst case. Try to login to the MSN account from any laptop or system and check whether the password is working or not. If you find that the account has been hacked then try to change the password and then in the iPhone settings, remove the account and add it again with the new password.

If still user is facing the problem of MSN email not working then he should consult with the MSN customer support. When the work is important and there is no time to search over the internet for the solutions, the user should immediately call at the MSN tech support phone number.

What are the possible solutions to fix MSN Email not working on iPhone?

It is easy to fix MSN email problems. There are many solutions to fix MSN email not working on my iPhone.

  • Check your internet connection: Make sure you have active internet connection in your device. If your internet connection is poor, then you will suffer this type of problem in your iPhone. You should turn off the modem and then switch it again. Troubleshoot your internet and then check the issue is fixed or not.
  • Check the mail server: You should check the mail server properly. It is working properly or not. They generally have some authentication problems in the device. You should check them properly.
  • Check Mail Settings in iOS: You should check email settings on your IOS. You should confirm the email settings.
  1. Go to the settings and then click on accounts and password option.
  2. Tap email account that is cannot get email error messages.
  3. Now, you need to login to your account.
  • Check for email server problems: There are many types of email server’s problems. You should check the email server problems. Troubleshoot all the problems of mail and then check the issue is fixed or not.
  • Reboot the iPhone: You should reboot the iPhone to fix the issue of email not working. Troubleshoot your email and check the issue is fixed or not.

These are the simple and easy steps to fix the issue of MSN not working on iPhone. If you need help regarding msn account, you can contact to customer service. They will guide you and will provide you the proper assistance. You can even visit to the help desk.

Instant Support for MSN not Working problem

Users can contact the experts either by sending the email about the problem or he can directly call at the MSN customer support number for tech support. The technical support is all the time available. The person can make a call at any time. The executives are certified and experienced technicians and thus the user should be assured of the most effective tech support. The executives can provide a precise solution to why MSN email not working, within a very little time duration. They are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. With the help of the best support, access MSN back into your iPhone within no longer time.

4 thoughts on “How to Fix MSN Email Not Working on iPhone?”

  1. I am traveling in New Zealand on vacation and I’ve been locked out of my MSN email. No doubt the reason for this is because I am in New Zealand and not in Minnesota. Unfortunately, I have tried to go in and verify but cannot get in even when I try the security code provided. I am frustrated I don’t have access to my main email.

  2. Same issue rised with me when my msn email was not working on chrome since a days. Then i read your blog and it was very useful for me solve my issue easily . Thank you for such a useful article.

  3. I cannot send email from my account. The error message says it cannot connect to the server. Server port is 587. Can you help me fix this ?

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