How to Fix Roku Not Working with New Router?

Roku not working with new router

Know Roku Before know the reasons why Roku not working with new router !!

Roku is a streaming player or in other simple words we can say that Roku is a series of digital media setup boxes fashioned and produced by Roku incorporated. Roku provides its users with a wide variety of content by making a large number of channels available to the users. It is giving competition to the cable organisations as all the Roku users are fully satisfied with Roku and its services. Roku not working with new router will be an issue. But before that following are some reasons why people love Roku streaming player :



  • Cost – The cost of setting up a Roku device is cheap and generally in budget. It is very convenient for everyone to set up a Roku device and start to enjoy online content on their television.


  • Simplicity – It is very simple to use Roku as you just have to quickly install Roku to your computer and your computer is unaffected by its use. So that roku not working issue will not arise.


  • Flexibility – It allows the user to choose from three different models. Each model has different features and supports both wired and wireless Internet connections and most television connection cables as well. So compatibility should not be a problem.


  • Remote Control – The remote control feature makes it easier and effortless to change channels.


  • Future-Proof – Roku is always working to better its technology. It updates its software every now and then to support new channels and techniques.


How it works –

The process for setting up the Roku device is mostly the same as it is for setting up any usual digital media player :



  • First you have to connect the Roku to your television and plug it in and switch the input of your TV.


  • Second you have to connect the Roku to the Internet.


  • Third you have to sign up for a Roku account.


  • Lastly you will have to associate to the content providers you want to watch/use.


Well while working with any technical device you may sometimes face some technical disturbances and problems, same is the case with Roku like Roku not working with the new router. Some common problems are that Roku not working with the new router, the Roku remote might not work, and it may not be able to catch the signals and many more. You may contact the Roku customer support for solving such problem. Your Roku streaming player streams audios and videos though the internet therefore you need a very good internet connection to stream good quality audios and videos quickly and without any buffering. If Roku not working then corrective measures are meant to be taken.


How to fix Roku not working with new router?

Good internet speed is necessary for smooth and efficient performance of the Roku device. Sometimes the Roku device may not be able to connect to the wireless network because of some technical issues. If Roku not working properly due to the new router then you may follow the following steps for Roku not working issue –


  • Enter the correct name of you router – If Roku not working properly then you should ensure that you are selecting the right wireless network name or it will cause your wireless network connection to fail. Make sure that you are entering the right name and password.


  • Enter the password correctly – It is a very common mistake made by the users. This is one of the common reason of your Roku not working. They enter the wrong password so you should make sure that you are entering the correct password. You may visit the support site if you are having trouble remembering your password.


  • Ensure tha​t your router is functioning properly – If Roku not working then you can check that your router is working properly by connecting your computer or mobile device to the router and then try accessing the internet by opening any a public website. If you can connect to the internet from another device it means that your router is functioning properly and you can move to the next step. If you are not able to connect to the internet then you may try restarting your wireless connection.


  • Enhancing the router signal strength – If all of the above steps are fine then it is likely that the signal strength of your router is weak. The farther the router from your Roku devices and the more of obstacles in between the router and Roku device like cupboards and walls, more are the chances of weak signals. You must ensure these tips to help improve your router signal strength.


  • Restart your Roku device and your router – If all of the above steps fail you might try restarting your Roku device and your router –

  1.  To restart your Roku player first go to Settings then System then System restart.

  2.  To restart your Roku TV, you have to first go to the Settings then System then Power and then System restart. You can also remove the plug of the Roku device from the power source, wait a few moments, and then plug it back in.

  3.  To restart your router, you have to check the instructions from your ISP or router vendor. In some cases, you can simply unplug it and plug it back in to the power source while in some other cases it requires pressing a reset button on the device.

To resolve issues like Roku not working etc you can contact the customer support team also for any further assistance or queries related to any topic.

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