How to Fix YouTube App Not Working on iPhone/iPad?

How to fix YouTube app if it is not working on iPhone/iPad?


There are situations when iPhone and iPad users, who love to use Safari, Google Chrome, or iOS 11, face problem in playing YouTube videos. Are you facing a similar problem in recent days? Don’t worry! Go through this blog post to find out the solution of your problem. It is filled with some of the most reliable solutions of YouTube app not working on iPad or iPhone.


Clear Safari/YouTube cache

Remove the unwanted
To clear the cache files in Safari, open [Settings] and navigate [Safari]. It will allow you to clear [History and Website Data]. By accessing this option, you can delete your Safari history, cache, and cookies within a single click. Let’s discuss how to deal with the issue – YouTube app not working on iPhone or iPad.


To clear YouTube cache, open iOS 11 and navigate YouTube App. Go to the top left corner of your iPhone screen and click on the [Menu] option. Tap the gear icon. Here you can choose one of the options under Privacy. It will delete YouTube data as per your needs.


Turn off Bluetooth


Turning off the Bluetooth is an effective way to deal with the situation when YouTube is not working on iPhone in iOS 11. You need to open Control Center which can be done by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. Hence, you can click the Bluetooth icon to turn it off.


Reset network settings


Maybe YouTube app is not working on iPad because you have a poor network connection. To deal with it, you are suggested to turn off your Wi-Fi network connection. Make sure, resetting network settings will delete all settings related to the network; it won’t be deleting erase your iPhone. Turn it on after a minute. Else, navigate to [Settings], open [General], and select [Reset]. It will allow you to click on [Reset Network Settings].


Remove the unwantedUpdate YouTube/iOS 11



Is your YouTube app not working on iPhone? An incompatibility could be the reason behind this issue. Go to the [App Store] and open [YouTube] to check its system requirements. Update it, if a new version of YouTube is available. Open [Setting] to update the latest version of iOS. Navigate to [General] and select [Software Update].


Remove the unwanted


Another great way to handle the situation when YouTube is not working on iPhone is to free up some space. YouTube may quit unexpectedly on your iPhone or iPad if you get a full storage. To move with it, you could remove unwanted photos, delete those songs which you not wish to listen anymore, and uninstall the applications that you not wish to use on your iPhone or iPad. It is most likely to resolve your problem.


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