How to Reset iTunes Password?

Follow these steps to reset iTunes password instantly and easily !!

The users of Apple devices can make the best use of the iTunes for downloading, saving and listening to songs on their devices. For accessing iTunes, the users just need to have their iTunes email address and also a password so as to sign in. But there are times when the users forgot iTunes password and have issues signing in to it.


So, for this purpose the best solution is to Reset Iphone with the resetting steps that the users can get from the official site of Apple. On the other hand, the users can also follow the password resetting steps for itunes and can get their password reset.


  • First of all the users are required to go to the sign in page of itunes.


  • There the users are supposed to select on forgot Apple ID or password option that is mentioned there.


  • Now in the Apple ID option, the users are required to enter their Apple ID or user name correctly in the required space.


  • Then, in the password option the users are required to leave that space blank.


  • Once the users have entered their Apple ID they can reset the password either by the email authentication process or even by answering the security questions.


  • If the users have chosen the email authentication option then they’ll get a verification code on their alternate email address that is associated with the users iTunes account.


  • The users the should go to that email address and further select on the verification link.


  • Follow the verification link and further reset the password easily by following the onscreen instructions.


  • Besides, if the users have chosen the security question option then they have to answer some of the questions related to their account so as to get their password resetted.


Therefore, these above mentioned steps will enable the users to reset their forgot iTunes password instantly. The steps mentioned should be provided correctly so as to complete the whole resetting steps. So that the users can access it further.


If by chance the users face any issue or are having any queries related to these steps then they can simply contact to Apple customer care phone number, and can seek help and assistance from them. The concerned representatives will provide the best of answers to each and every issues faced by the users.


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