How to Set up SBCglobal Email on iPhone?

Email is the easiest way now a days to get connected and share
information. SBC global mail in now owned by AT&T which is one of the
largest networks in the world. The requirements to set up SBC global
mail on your iphone is that you need the server address of SMPT and POP

You can follow the below mentioned steps to easily Configure SBCGlobal email on your Iphone :-

* First step is to click on setting on your home page screen.

* Now click on mail, contact and calender option.

* Now choose the option of accounts and then click on add accounts, this gives you various types of accounts. After clicking on this option you are supposed to click on the option of “Accounts”.

* Now you have to tick on the button of “Add account”.

* As you click on this option a number of account types shows on your

* You are required to click on the tab of “Other” and choose the
button of “Add mail account”.

* When you click on this button a new account form displays on your

* Punch in the requiste details.

* Type your name in the first field.

* Enter your SBC global email in the next one.

* Click next to proceed.

* Choose the option of POP .

* Enter the provided domain name into the host name section in the
incoming mail server area:

* Enter the SBC global address in the user name and password in the
next and click on next .this will show you the incoming mail server.

* Give domain name in the host name area in the outgoing mail server

* Now put your SBC email id and password.

* Now click on save to complete the process

Looking for instant help for Install Sbcglobal on iPhone? 

You can call at
Sbcglobal support anytime in order to get the assistance on
issues regarding your SBCglobal email account. This number is available
24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

* In case you are stuck in a remote area you can call to get help on
phone so that technician can fix the issue.

* If you fall under company’s service area then you can request for
at home services. Company’s representative will visit you at your
office or home and fix email technical issues.



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