How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone?

Process for How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

As the new buyer of iPhone customers, the team recommends setting up Voicemail with your iPhone device as this option is essential. If you activate Voicemail on your iPhone, the caller can quickly leave a message with this option if you have a missed call. Therefore, to learn the basics for How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone, you should follow the below-mentioned steps, which are derived in different ways that you can use to set up from the below section.

Set up Voicemail on iPhone.

If you need your iPhone device to get Set Up Voicemail on iPhone, then you must follow the below section, and you will get the guidance appropriately.

  • First, you have to open the phone tab on your device 
  • Then tap over the voicemail tab at the bottom right
  • Select set up now, and you need to create a voicemail password 
  • Ahead of this, choose default or custom greeting if you seek the necessity 
  • At last, save the changes, and that’s all.

Listen to Your Voicemail Messages

If you want to access your Voicemail and listen to your messages, follow the steps below for appropriate guidance.

  • You first have to head toward the voicemail tab on your phone. 
  • Herein you get the list of messages you have received from different callers.
  • You just select a message and go over the play button to listen. 
  • Note, if your wireless carrier supports the voicemail transcription feature, you shall see your message transcript to text.
  • In addition, you can see other buttons for the voicemail message on the right side. 
  • Moreover, you can hear the message or get the button trash to delete the message. 
  • Lastly, users can share the button from the top right to send or share a message using other iPhone share sheet options.

Adjust the Voicemail Notifications

If you want to Adjust the Voicemail Notifications, when you have a voicemail, you will see the badge app icon over the phone app by default, and to change this, go to Settings>Phone>Notifications. 

  • When you open the phone application, you get the number showing the unplayed messages.
  • Users are allowed the option of setting an alert when they receive a new voicemail.
  • You should open settings and choose “Sounds and Haptic.” 
  • Now, select new Voicemail under sounds and vibration patterns. 
  • The final step is to tap Vibration from the top to select one alert tone or ringtone for getting message notifications.

Change the Voicemail Password

Suppose you previously set up the password but wish to Change the Voicemail Password for security purposes. In that scenario, you must follow the below-listed steps that will guide you quite brilliantly.

  • For this service, first of all, open the phone from the settings 
  • Then, therein you have different icons, wherein you have to tap over change voicemail password

Record a New Voicemail Greeting: 

Sometimes, users might also head for the change of the greeting you have recorded for your Voicemail. For such actions, you must follow the below-listed points for your assistance.

  • At first, you should open the phone app, then select the voicemail tab. 
  • Then tap over “Greetings” from the top left. 
  • Click on the play button to listen to your current greeting. So, to record your greeting, select custom, press record to start or stop, and then select save to use the greeting.

Henceforth, suppose you seek additional help with calls on your iPhone. In that case, you can reach out for help directly from the contact support of iPhone, which enables you to get immediate guidance instantly from the agent.


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