How to Setup Fastmail on iPhone?

Setup Fastmail on IPhone

If you have a Fastmail email account and you own an iPhone then we want to let you know that of you haven’t configure fastmail on IPhone till now then you are extremely unlucky. So, now your next question would be How To Configure iPhone to Communicate with FastMail. Don’t worry if you don’t know it’s answer because that’s why this article is made for.

Setup your Fastmail account on iPhone right now as steps mentioned below:

Here, we will guide you with the step by step tutorial for setting up fastmail account on Iphone device with easy steps.

  • If you are aware of the basic features of your iPhone then you must be aware of the fact that going to the Settings app on your device is the first step of this procedure.
  • Moreover, you would also be aware of the next steps which means clicking on the ACCOUNTS Button followed by clicking on the ADD ACCOUNT button and then tapping the OTHER button since the Fastmail email account belongs to none of the Google, Microsoft or the Apple.
  • Now, after again clicking on the ADD EMAIL Button, it’s the time to enter your personal information along with the account credentials.
  • You have to enter your complete name under the NAME section and under the username and password sections, you have to type the corresponding credentials in the input field.
  • Moreover, you can type anything under the DESCRIPTION field.
  • Now, after clicking on the Next button, you have to enter the complete information for the incoming as well as the outgoing servers of the Fastmail account.
  • So, under the section named as the Incoming host name, type and under the section named as Outgoing Host Name, type
  • Now, make sure that you will enter the port numbers for both of these servers correctly.
  • Next, enter the username and the same password for your Fastmail account which you have entered in the previous steps.
  • Click on the Next button and then click on the SAVE button.

Looking for instant help to Install Fastmail on iPhone?

Although these were the last steps for this account configuration procedure but along with that, you should not forget to enable the synchronization of the contacts and calendar associated with your Fastmail account.

99% chances are that you won’t face any kind of problems while following these steps, but in case, you have to encounter any trouble for set up fastmail on iphone, then the support team of mobilesupportplus is always there for your help.


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