How to setup Hotmail Account on iPhone?

Having a mail account is essential nowadays as it is used at several places like taking admission to schools, while reservations of flights, etc. You can also connect with your friends by sending them Mail or sharing pictures, songs, etc. Hotmail is a mail service provider application of Microsoft, and if you use it, you can share many things without paying any charges. Its users are increasing rapidly due to its fast mail services, and before some time, Microsoft changes Hotmail and set the name as an outlook. To get everything about How to set up Hotmail and its setup process on iPhone, you need to read below. 

Steps to Create Hotmail Account

Some users using Hotmail for the first time do not have complete information about the different ways to set up Hotmail. Those users can easily set up the account by mentioning their little details. If you want complete information on this, you need to read below. 

Steps to Create Hotmail Account via Online: 

Follow the Below Steps if you Choose the Online Process 

  • Visit the official website of Hotmail in your suitable search engine. 
  • After this, choose the option of creating a free account. 
  • Following this in the new mail section, fill out the new username and click next. 
  • Next, you need to mention the complete name, date of birth, and gender and click Next.
  • Now mention a contact number to receive the code, and it also helps you to recover the account if you forget the password.
  • Following this, you must fill in the screen character screen, create a new password, and confirm that password. 
  • Then successfully creating a message, you will get on the contact details. 

 How to Set up Hotmail after Creating an Account on it?

If you create the account but cannot set it up, follow the below steps. These steps are simple and easy, but you can only set up the Hotmail account if you have its id and password. You cannot set up your Hotmail account if you do not have these details. 

  • Open your Hotmail account on your device. 
  • After this, click on the inbox page and the menu section.
  • Further, you need to click on more options and then Account management. 
  • Following this, choose the option of Receive and send Mail. 
  • Next, you need to open the page 'receive mail from this account and fill in the new mail address. 
  • Following this, click on the advance options, add the new mail address, username, and password, and then submit the details. 
  • Then if you see the tick on SSL, remove it and choose to leave a copy. 
  • Last, choose the folder and then click on next and save it. 

How do I add my Hotmail Account to my iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user and cannot add your Hotmail account, then you do not need to worry; you need to follow the below process to get the details about Adding your Hotmail account to your iPhone. 

  • Open your iPhone and go to its settings
  • Following this, you need to click on the Mail and then accounts
  • After this, choose the add account option and select your email provider
  • Now login on the next page and fill out your login id and password. 
  • Next, sign in to your account, and then you need to sync your date like contact, calendar, notes, etc 
  • Last you need to click on save and then go to the main page on your iPhone and see the Hotmail account there. 

By reading the above, you will get the information about How to set up Hotmail on iPhone. Still, if you face any issues while creating an account or setting up, you can dial this number (800) 642 7676. The support team member will connect and help you to resolve your queries. 


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