How can I Unlock my Phone using Android Device Manager?

In case your phone gets locked, then you can use the android device manager to unlock the device. It is created by Google to help people in various situations. When you get your android device in which you store different confidential and important information that, you set a security setup that will lock your phone with a password that is only known by you.

But sometimes your device gets locked after multiple wrong attempts as you forgot your password. So, in that case, the device manager will help you to resolve your issue. You can follow the below-mentioned FAQs to clear your doubts.

What is the Android Device Manager Unlock? 

The android device manager looks pretty complex, but it is very easy to use, and basically, it helps you to locate your device in the right place. Moreover, it will ring and lock it so no one can misuse it. After all this, the device manager plays an important role in unlocking your phone. Somehow if you lost your PIN, then you use the google account to decode it. Sometimes it happens when you forget the password. After all, everyone is human, and humans can make mistakes, so before anybody tries their hand on your phone, you can follow the below-mentioned procedure.

How to Enable Android Device Manager?

You can follow the below discussed steps to unlock your phone using Android Device Manager. If you struck in between, then the method will resolve your issue without delay. The steps are very easy and explained in layman's language so that you can apply them without expert guidance. 

You need to make some initial adjustments so that you can operate it further. Now enable the android device manager.

After moving to the settings tab, you need to turn on the location access, then click on the location option. By this, you need to make sure that high accuracy has been selected, then enable security settings with the help of the Given steps.

  • Move to settings 
  • Then switch to google and click on the security tab.
  • After that, click on the remotely locate this device option. 
  • Now activate the "Allow remote lock and erase" option.

It will be useful in case you lose your phone, and you want to wipe out every other information from the device.

At last, you need to activate the device manager with the help of Google. You can go through the link after opening the page.

  • Enter your google credential 
  • Sign up with your account 
  • At last, test it with the help of location features. 

How to Unlock your Phone using Android Device Manager?

You can unlock your phone using the android device manager via the given procedure. The procedure includes some important steps that will help you in fixing your phone quickly without making any mistakes.

  • Open your PC or phone and move to the google device manager page.
  • After that, log in through the google account you have been using to set up your phone.
  • Now you will see an interface on which other devices are showing a link with the same Google account.
  • Select anyone you want to unlock by selecting the lock option.
  • The page will display and ask you for a temporary code.
  • After that, click on the lock tab again.
  • If your process is completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation code message under the box showing the lock and erase button.
  • At last, you can see a password field. You need to enter your temporary password in that blank space and which will unlock your phone.
  • Again visit the phone's lock screen setting and disable the temporary password. You are all done.

How to Unlock your Android Lock Screen Pattern if you have an Earlier Version? 

In case your phone is running on an old version of the operating system, then you can resolve the lock screen pattern in a faster way. Here is how? You can apply the android device manager trick mentioned below.

  • You can fill the wrong pattern five times.
  • After making five wrong attempts, the screen will show you the forgot pattern option on the right side of the screen, and choose it.
  • In this way, the system will allow you to enter a backup PIN code or your valid google login credential.
  • If you don't remember your backup PIN, enter the google account and tap on the sign-in button.

 How to Bypass your Lock Screen using a Custom Recovery?

You can bypass your android lock screen pattern with the help of some method that is useful for more advanced android users. If you are familiar with the rooting method, you do not have any issues with it.

  • You are required to download the pattern password disable ZIP file on your PC.
  • Now copy the file on your SD card, don't worry; the file is secure.
  • After that, put the SD card in your phone, and reboot the system into recovery mode. The reboot process may vary according to the type of phone.
  • Then you can flash the zip file from your SD card. Reboot your phone.
  • At last, your phone is completely rebooted without any lock screen. You can enter a random password and pattern.

 These are some above-written methods that can resolve your question: How to Unlock my Phone? If you have doubts or are confused, then go through this article to clarify yourself.



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