How to Update Android Phone?

Android device is the most popular and widely used device across the globe. Its open source and ease to use feature makes it one of the most favorite devices. Every day you will find news of Android, tests, taken in hand, analyzes, records and many more. You should check for updates on android phones. Most android devices support Near Field Communication (NFC), which allows devices to get connected easily across short distances. The main aim is to create a simpler payment option and also Android support installation of multiple keyboards. The operating system also supports a built-in infrared transmission, allowing the use of phone or tablet as a remote control. Using the Android apps, users can control their phones. The Tasker app lets the control of app permissions with proper automation.


Android widgets let you display just about any option you choose and they have custom Home Screens. Android operating system is open source and the developers can tweak the current OS. It is very important to update/upgrade the Android OS for its effective use and it also offers a host of options not found in comparable mobile operating systems.


Here are the Steps to Manually Upgrade/Update the Android device over the Air –

  • Swipe down from top of the screen and tap the Wi-Fi button to connect to the device.


  • Open the device settings by clicking on the gear icon.


  • Move down and tap ‘About Devices’.


  • Next tap ‘Update’ and depending on the version of Android you are using, read ‘Software Update’ or ‘System Firmware Update’.


  • Now tap on ‘Check for Updates’ and your device will search for the available system updates.


  • Tap ‘Update’ and the button will appear at the top of the menu.


  • Finally click on ‘Install’ which might read ‘Reboot and Install’ or ‘Install System Software’.


  • Wait till the installation is complicated and the phone will automatically reboot as the installation finishes.


Are you looking to update the Android apps automatically? Here are the steps to update the apps on the Android device –


  • On the Android device, open the Google Play Store app.


  • Now tap ‘Menu’ and click on ‘Settings’.


  • Next tap on the option ‘Auto-update apps’.


  • Select an option out of ‘Auto update apps at any time’ and ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’.


Check & update the Android version on the device. Contact the Android support experts to take assistance from the support experts. These technical experts diagnose the problem remotely and provide instant solutions. They will provide the latest updates for the Android OS and provides the appropriate version of OS for the device.


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