iOS Customer Service

iOS is the base of all the apple products for all the security and advanced purposes. Also, the Apple product user can call at the iOS customer service phone number if there is any technical issue with the device or other applications as this number is available all the time. Apple products are much advanced and very secure. It is not possible to download and install any random app and get into your Apple product if it is not in the Apple store. The Apple products are much connected with each other if a person is having more than one. Like if one has an iPhone and iPad and having iTunes then he can access all the devices with one single Apple id and password. 


As mentioned and known, it is not easy to remove or add any software in the Apple product if it is not an Apple application or some thing. Jail breaking is a process which cracks the iOS layer and give access to the Apple product to download and install those apps which are not in Apple Store. The process generally does a kernel patching through which one can get the root access to iOS and install or edit the applications, themes, extensions etc. The software brilliant minds always try to develop a jailbreak for every release of Apple device though for the latest one iOS 11, it is still under developing mode. It is because, Apple has been trying to increase the security options and layers in the iOS having features that can stand against the Jail breaking process. The executives at iOS customer service number are very much experienced so they can provide the best possible solutions related to jail breaking. Here few issues are discussed in brief.

How To Change Font On iPhone Without Jail breaking?

Usually it is not possible to change the font if user doesn’t goes through Jail breaking. Still if user wants to do that then he can get the Any Font app. With this app, the phone will have many other extra fonts available. These fonts user can use in his Word Documents, Excel, Power point,  keynote and any other apps. Any Font is paid app which user can download from iTunes store easily.

How To Change iPhone Theme Without Jailbreak?

Changing theme is easy in iPhone, iPad and ios 7 and later. This is actually possible now without the help of Jail breaking. iSkin is the new application through which user can get different themes for different applications.


  1. From the Safari browser, launch iSkin web page.
  1. Now scroll down for themes. Select the theme.
  1. User will be shown different applications like clock, app store, calendar etc. Select the applications for which you want a theme.
  1. When you are satisfied with your selection, click on the button Install Icons.
  1. User will be prompted with few messages. Click on Continue and then Install.
  1. This process will install a pack of icons with the selected themes.
  1. Click Done when you find installation finished.
  1. Now again go back to Safari.
  1. You will be able to see the pack installed on the Home Screen.
  1. Close all the pages and go to Home screen. In the last page, user can see the themed app icons.


Get instant Help from iOS Contact Number –

Call at the iOS contact number if you find any difficulty with iSkin. This number is 24/7 available so user should call any time when the problem arises. The technicians are much qualified and thus they can resolve the issue in a very short duration. iOS customer service phone number is fully dedicated to users so they should feel free to call and get the problem solved quickly.