How can you fix IPhone touch screen not working?

Every gadget lover dreams to own IPhone one day in his/her lifetime which is a very big responsibility of a user to look after it. Greater the amount of the phone more is the responsibility to look after it since expensive gadgets are way more delicate and require a lot of care especially the screen of the phone. Usually, the phone screen is prone to water and physical damage hence if the screen comes in contact of either of two there are huge chances of the screen getting ruined. And for getting it, especially IPhone it might cost you fortune. Apparently there are several reasons of IPhone touch screen not working therefore refer to the below points for more reference.

It is very common to feel when your iPhone touch screen is not working. You use your iPhone for various things like making call, taking pictures and much more. It can be more irritates if you need to do an important work. Most of the users feel tensed when they face any screen related problem in their iPhone because they don’t have enough knowledge to fix these things. Are you one among those? Read this article and learn how to resolve iPhone touch screen not working issues within simple steps which are given below:

Reset iPhone to Factory Settings-

  • First of all, open the Settings of your iPhone 6 plus.
  • Tap on the General.
  • Tap on the Reset and then tap on the Reset All Settings.
  • Now it will be asked to enter your iPhone passcode and then enter the passcode.
  • After that, tap on the Reset All Settings to reset your iPhone to its original factory settings.

Clean your iPhone screen-

  • First of all, unplug your iPhone from the power source and then switch it off before cleaning.
  • Now take a clean and soft cloth and then wipe your screen very smoothly.
  • Don’t press the screen too hard and never uses any cleaners directly to clean the iPhone.
  • Remove any screen protector or safety case
    If you use any screen protector or safety case to protect your iPhone screen? Then remove it.

Sometimes iPhone do not detect the fingers due to the use of these accessories. After that, verify does your iPhone screen working properly or not?

Restore your iPhone as new –

  •  Open your web browser on your computer and then go to
    Sign in to your iCloud account and then click on Find My Iphone.
  • Now click on the All Devices and then choose your iPhone that you want to erase.
  • Click on the Erase iPhone and then confirm the action.
  • After that, connect your iPhone to your computer and then open iTunes.

Now click on your iPhone icon which is available at the top side of the iTunes and then click on the Restore iPhone.
Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.
After applying the above mentioned instructions, you can easily fix your iPhone screen related problem within simple manner.

Reasons behind IPhone touch screen not working:

  1. Usually screen of Smartphone stops responding to touch if there is both physical and internal damage.
  2. Talking about physical damage, a mobile screen will stop working your phone falls from height and screen crashes
  3. Screen can even disappear if water enters your screen
  4. In case dirt or dust particle enters or virus detected in device can also cause screen not responding

Hence all the above points are the most common reasons why IPhone screen stops working which can b fixed by below methods.

Methods to fix IPhone touch screen not working:

  1. If touch screen of phone freezes all of a sudden firstly try to long press the power button and re boot it
  2. In case it still does not respond then try doing phone reset which might fix the issue by closing all the programs running in the background
  3. Maybe there is an issue with your hardware if your screen still hasn’t responded. Hence try consulting with any IPhone repair center and get device checked from within
  4. Try getting your phone in contact with water

And hence you can try all the above hacks for unresponsive IPhone screen and get it fixed, Moreover in case of any doubt or query contact customer support.


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