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Customer service and support for iPhone in Apple

iPhone is a product which is marketed and delivered by the Apple Company. The operating system in the iPhone is Apple’s iOS. Apple has a released a large series of Smartphone’s with iterations in the hardware devices with updated iOS.

The user-interface of the iPhone is built around multi-touch screen which includes a virtual keyboard on the screen. It has the feature of getting connected to Wi-Fi and cellular networks also. An iPhone is capable of taking photos, recording videos, send/receive text messages, send/receive emails, calculator, etc. Other application can be downloaded from the App store according to the requirement. When Apple launches a new model of iPhone, it has numerous new and updated features. In case of any query, the iPhone customer service can be contacted. Some features of the latest series of iPhones are listed below:

  • The latest iPhones has a bigger screen in comparison to the older versions. The bigger screens will give a clear view.
  • The newer versions of iPhone will have enhanced camera. It has HDR quality which increases the exposures captured while clicking a photo. In camera, for getting a portrait shot, new tools are introduced by Apple.
  • The display screen of Apple iPhone has OLED panel. This OLED panel provides a much better resolution and is colorful also which is different from the earlier iPhones.
  • With the updated versions of iPhones, the battery life has increased. The battery life of the latest versions is long enough that it could be used for a long time even while surfing the web.
  • In the latest versions of iPhone, the new feature of face recognition is introduced which helps in unlocking the phone faster and is secure also.
  • The latest iPhones have the dual-SIM feature. It makes it more convenient for the users to use one physical SIM and other electronic one.
  • A large range of colors in introduced by Apple in the new iPhones in order to satisfy the users by offering them a wide range with more options.
  • The audio and video quality in the latest iPhones is also improved by Apple.

To have more info about the features and other specifications of iPhone, the iPhone customer service number can be dialed.

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Apple has introduced a number of models since it was introduced few years back. Some of them are listed below:

  • iPhone

It is the first iPhone launched by Apple. It was known as iPhone 2G. It had RAM of 128 MB and storage of 4/8/16 GB.

  • iPhone 3G

In this version, RAM was 128 MB and storage space was 8/16 GB.

  • iPhone 4

Under this category, three models are there. Its RAM was increased to 512 MB and storage space was 8/16/32 GB.

  • iPhone 5

In this, two models are there. Along with that, RAM is 1GB and storage is 16/32/64 GB.

  • iPhone 6

The RAM in this model is 1 GB and the storage space is increased to 16/64/128 GB.

  • iPhone X

This is among the latest models which have RAM of 3GB and the storage space is 64/256 GB.

There are many more models that are available in the market. To know more, the iPhone customer service phone number can be dialed.

If a user is facing any issue while availing the services offered by Apple through the models of iPhones, the support centre can be contacted. The ways by which the customer services can be contacted are mentioned below:

  • The user can call the technical support representative by dialing the number in which the IVR redirects the user to the live person in support. The user can then directly discuss the query with them and get the solution for the same. While being on the call, the user can try the solutions and if not working, can ask for the other solution. In this way, it is a very reliable method to reach the customer service centre.
  • Another way is to contact them through web support. In this the user sends an email to the support regarding the query or issue. The reply will be sent by the executive in the given frame of time which usually varies between 24-48 hours. It is a time consuming method but still used as it has a copy of the conversation. So, it can also be used for reaching the representatives of Apple regarding the iPhone queries.
  • The executives can be contacted through the live chat option also. In this the user initiates the discussion and the executive on the other end will provide the required assistance. It is also commonly used as instant replies are given by the support department.

All the queries and issues can be discussed with the iPhone customer service centre executives. The info for reaching them is mentioned on the official website of Apple