MacBook has all the latest functionalities and features. But at certain point of time MacBook users face the problem of slow charging or no charging which can be really annoying. After all, one of the most important features of a laptop is that it can be used anywhere, sitting at distant places where charging is difficult. But now if the device faces charging troubles that can be really frustrating for the users. There can be various reasons behind the problem and this article will provide all the latest steps to solve the problem.

Firstly user needs to check the basic on the Macbook. Here are the things to check on the system –

  • Check whether the MacBook is plugged in or not? Make sure that the MagSafe connection is plugged into the laptop.
  • Now check whether the Apple adapter connected together properly or not? The laptop adapters are available in two different parts, the square adapter and a removable plug that is connected to the wall. Pull the parts apart and put them back again.
  • Check whether the laptop is plugged correctly into the socket? Also, whether the socket is working properly is not? Try using a different socket for charging. All these are basic checking and needs to be done properly.
  • Now check the MagSafe connection on the Apple laptop for dust. It might prevent the MagSafe connector from making a clean connection to the MAC. It stops the device from charging correctly.
  • Is the Mac book pro not charging? In the menu bar click on the battery icon. Now if it says Service Battery, then user needs to replace the battery for the device.

Check the Settings of the Laptop to fix the Problem

Is your MacBook losing its charge frequently? Check whether the settings is n’t draining the battery. Open up the ‘System Preferences’ and then choose ‘Settings’. Now choose the option of ‘Energy Saver’ and check whether the Computer Sleep and Display Sleep sliders are on the side side of the window. Reset them by clicking on the ‘Default’ button.

Try out the troubleshooting steps to fix the battery charging issues with the MacBook –

  • First reset the battery. If the user is having an older laptop with a removable battery, then remove it first and then re-insert it again onto the device.
  • Also resetting of SMC (System Management Controller) can help the battery and power related issues.

Still facing the problem of Macbook battery is not charging? Contact the technical experts to get the advanced troubleshooting steps for the problem. Support expert diagnoses the reason behind the problem and provides exact solution. Find instant solutions to the Macbook issues with easy solutions from the technical support team.