How to Setup Roadrunner on iPhone and Android

In the technical world, the users of mail services are increasing rapidly and want to access mail services without any kind of trash or disturbance. If you don't want to clean up the unnecessary mail on your iPhone anymore and want to use a junk-free mail service on your device, switch your mail system to Roadrunner. You can access the Roadrunner through any device, either Android or iPhone.

How to Setup Roadrunner on iPhone?

If you use an iPhone and want to enjoy the Roadrunner and want to know How To Set Up Roadrunner On iPhone, you can follow the following simple steps and become a regular Roadrunner user on your iPhone:- 

  • Explore Your Phone's settings option.
  • Pick the "Calendar, emails, and contacts."
  • Click on the "Password and Account" tab.
  • Select the "Add account" option, and the email account's list will appear on the screen.
  • You may also choose the "other" option to avoid the listed accounts.
  • Then you will have to put some of your information.
  • Now select the "Next" option.
  • In the "email address" area, you have to fill in the "RR" email account and its password and tap on "Next".
  • You will receive a confirmation message of your account check.
  • Now place your roadrunner mail info.
  • Select the "IMAP" in account type.
  • Now write "" as your coming mail server.
  • Insert the "" as an email server.
  • You can insert an "Email" extension as an email server's name.
  • Now type your password to log in.
  • You can type [IMAP] 993.
  • An outgoing server would be SMTP 587
  • Select "ON" in SSL, in IMAP & SMTP.
  • In "Account type" select IMAP on your Tab or Phone so that it can receive emails and texts from
  • An inbound and outgoing server is
  • First, select "Yes" and then "OK" in the popup message to confirm the settings.

These steps will help you set up Roadrunner On your iPhone and get acquainted with the free email forwarding facility.

How to Setup Roadrunner Email on Android?

If you use any Android devices and want to use the Roadrunner but are aware of this email service, don't worry. You can easily get acquainted with the answer to how to set up Roadrunner on Android by following these necessary steps:-

  • Look into your Email app.
  • Type the email address of Roadrunner
  • Now tap on the "Next" option.
  • Then you may select "Personal(pop3)" and click "Next".
  • If you already have a password for the Roadrunner, then simply type it in and tap on "Next".

Insert the server settings. In the Username, you may Put the full email ID with at the end, i.e., it varies with your location. Also, in the password tab, you can Put your already formed Roadrunner password. There will be no security.

When it is done, now insert the settings of the Outgoing Server

  • Server:- (depends upon your location)
  • Port:- 587 or can be 25.
  • Ask for sign-in: Check.
  • User ID:- (domain depends on your location)
  • Password:- Put the password of your Roadrunner email.
  • Click on the "Next" tab twice.
  • Now, put "your name" in the name column.
  • People will be able to see the names of those who will receive mail from your end.
  • Now go to "Next", and it's done.

By following these steps, you will understand Set Up Roadrunner On Android Device without any confusion. There may be a chance that the mentioned server may not work, so you can utilize the other written server settings too, for better results. For the Incoming server, you can use - & for the Outgoing server, you can use -

How to Reset Roadrunner Email Password?

When you are using the Roadrunner, either an iPhone or Android, and have lost the credentials, don't panic. Just learn to Reset Road Runner Email Password by yourself. With the aim of resetting the password, you can go through these simple points:-

  • Reach the
  • Tap on "I don't know my email password".
  • Insert your Roadrunner mail ID.
  • Select the box of "I am not a robot" and "submit".
  • Then you will get a verification code.
  • Place this code in the code box.
  • Enter the new password you wish to make.
  • Re-enter the new password and confirm.

How to Retrieve Your RR Email Address?

As users sometimes lose their passwords and forget their credentials, a misplacement of RR mail ID also happens with the users. For this situation, Roadrunner has some easy steps to Retrieve the mail address of the users by following which users can access their Roadrunner mail again without losing any data:- 

  • Visit
  • Choose the "Click here to retrieve your username" tab.
  • You will be shifted to the new window "".
  • You can insert your ten-digit number to retrieve your main account.
  • Select the "submit" tab. 

As Roadrunner is the email service that offers its service free of cost and can be accessed through Android and iPhone devices, setting it up on the user's devices is very important for the users. If you want to know How To Set Up Roadrunner on your device, then you can obey any steps that are more convenient for you.


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