Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Features..!!

Samsung as we all are aware is one of the best brand for electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, printers, laptops and many more. But, if we talk about the most credible and the most utilized product then it is Samsung mobile devices that are available in the market. Samsung has launched several mobile in the recent years but the latest mobile that Samsung has launched is the Samsung Galaxy S8. This device was launched in the market on 28 April 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the updated version phone that has all the new available features and tools for the utilization. There are many new additions to this phone that are really good to use. Some of the new additions to this mobile devices are mentioned below.

  • The screen of this phone are a bit larger in size as compared to the old Samsung galaxy mobile devices.
  • The body of this phone are taller and in curved shapes from the side.
  • A face recognition feature has also been added to this phone.
  • A new virtual assistant named as Bixby is also included.
  • There is also a docking station by which the phones can easily be connected with the computer for further work.
  • This phone is also made water resistant so that any damage can be easily prevented.

On the other hand if the users want to know more about the new additions and features of this phone then the users can directly dial the Samsung Toll Free Number and can get all the necessary details within no time. The number can be dialed at any time of the day so that the users can instantly know about it and can decide for buying it.

Despite of all these useful and new features there are many drawbacks of this phone because of which the users face several issues while working on it. So, given below are some of the disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S8 :

  • The battery of this phone is 3000 mAh that is really not enough for such a wonderful as well as powerful phone. Users face lots of issues related to the fast consumption of the battery of this phone.
  • The fingerprint reader feature is just next to the camera icon that is hard to reach for the users.
  • There are also various applications in this phone that is unwanted and are of no use as such. These are inbuilt and can’t be deleted. This also affects the battery life of this device and creates issues in the phone.

Therefore, these are some of the cons of this mobile that is affecting the credibility and the usefulness of the phone. Apart from this, the users can even contact the Samsung Customer Service for any assistance regarding the Samsung galaxy S8 devices.


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