How to Set up Sympatico Email on iPhone and Android Devices

How to Set up Sympatico Email on iPhone?

Sympatico is the largest telecom company that provides a special portal for web services and resources. You can watch your favorite tv series and listen to music that makes you dance. If you set up Sympatico email on your iPhone, you can easily access all the features from anywhere at any time. Still confused about how to set up, you must follow the steps below to make the procedure successful.

  • Open the setting and click passwords and accounts.
  • After that, click on the add account, hit the other option, and then click on the add mail account.
  • A new interface will appear on the screen where you have to enter Sympatico's name, email address, password, and descriptions in the needed blanks and press the next key at the top-right corner of the interface.
  • If the device automatically recognizes your account, the account will be added, or you will have to add the email account manually.

How to Add your Sympatico Email Address Manually on your iPhone?

Sometimes, users face the issue that their Sympatico email doesn't get acknowledged automatically, and must manually add their email account. If you are worried about how to Set up a Sympatico email, then make sure you follow the steps carefully. 

  • Open the setting and press the IMAP button.
  • After clicking on the IMAP option, press the hostname button under the incoming mail server.
  • Enter in the hostname under the incoming mail server section.
  • Then click on the user name and enter your bell email address as the username; after that, enter your password.
  • Under the outgoing mail server, enter in the hostname blank.
  • Fill in your bell email address as the outgoing mail server username and the bell email password in the password blank. 
  • After filling out every detail, click on the next button and wait for some time till your setting gets verified.
  • Make sure you turn on the email sync, and your Sympatico email address will be added to your iPhone within a few minutes. 

How to Set up Sympatico Email on Android

If you are an android user and want to set up a Sympatico email address to enjoy the features provided by the company, then be very careful while using the steps below to Set up Sympatico email on Android to make the process effective and easy to do.

  • Open the setting on your android device.
  • Click the cloud and account section.
  • After that, click on add accounts, press the personal IMAP option, enter your bell email address and passwords in the required blanks, and press the next tab.
  • Finally, your email account will be added, and if your device doesn't verify the account automatically, you have to do it manually.

How to Add your Sympatico Email Address Manually on Android Devices?

If you are also facing problems while performing the setup of Sympatico email on your android device, this means that your device might not be able to recognize your email account. Therefore, you must follow the steps below to set up Sympatico email on your device.

  • Visit the setting menu and open the cloud and accounts.
  • Press the add account, enter details such as bell email address and password, and then hit the server button.
  • Enter the IMAP server name, press the next button, enter in the SMTP server name, and hit the next button.
  • Please wait for some time until the device verifies your email address; once it is verified, you can use it very easily.

Important Points to Keep in Mind While Adding your Sympatico Email Address

Before adding an email account, the users must keep some important tips in mind to ensure they deal with the whole process easier.

  • Make sure you have turned on your automatic sync on your device.
  • Always try to enter the correct email address and password.
  • While performing manual account adding, make sure you enter the correct SMTP and IMAP user name.

All the above information will help set up Sympatico email on Android and iPhone devices. Using the steps mentioned above, you can easily add your Sympatico email address manually. 


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