Why is My Google not working on My Phone?

Google is considered to be an application that does not require any introduction as people from all over the world use its products and services. It is because of Google that people are now so much dependent on it that they cannot think to do their work without it. So, as people have become advanced, Google has introduced its services over smartphones.

But, if a user is encountering issues with Google and searching for answers on why my Google is not working then he shall not panic. Issues can be faced by anyone at any time but do not mean that they are not resolvable. Before getting it resolved you need to know the reasons behind which are stated below along with resolutions.

Reasons for Google Not Working on Your Phone!

  1. The first cause that comes in the mind in the case of Google not working on Phone is an internet connection. If it is poor or working slow then Google might not load information.
  2. Another reason is when a user is using an older version of Google application which is not supported in the current operating system.
  3. Accumulated cookies and caches in mobile storage may also lead to this issue.
  4. Some actions of antivirus firewall applications may also be the reason for not allowing Google web page or search for work.
  5. If you happen to use the old version of the operating system in Android.

And many other issues can pick the question of why is my Google not working and causing issues while working. To resolve your issue, you can follow some tips below.

Ways to Fix Google Not Working Issue!

  1. To start with you need to check your internet connection. If it is not working then you can contact the service provider to get the issues resolved.
  2. If you happen to use the old version of Google application then you can try to update the application from Google Play store.
  3. Clear all the cookies and caches from settings of Google web browser or phone settings such that the application starts to work.
  4. Check the settings of the firewall which might be the reason for causing Google to not work. Stop its working such that it allows Google to work on your phone.
  5. Update the Android version of your device if not updated yet.

So, with the help of the above tips, you will be getting the answer to why is my Google not working on phone along with resolution. For any further issue, you are free to contact customer service.

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