Why Mac Not Working After Update?

Mac not working after update –

Mac – is also known as Macintosh refers to family computer which is designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. Early they were considered expensive however one can afford the same. In today’s time as well they are still considered successful in education and desktop publishing and is still the second largest PC manufacture even for the upcoming decade, in order to keep it secure and upgraded one has to keep updating the same, there can be times if the individual is updating they come across some concerns and Mac not working after update which can be fixed and hence it will result in Mac not working properly.

Reasons for Mac not working properly are –

· Not enough storage


· Installation of the update is slow


· Safari plug in trouble


· App crashes


· Third party software running


Above mentioned can be some of the reasons for Mac not working and there can be some others as well, However by taking some steps one can learn how to overcome Mac not working after update and ultimately can also ensure to overcome the issue Mac not working properly.


Steps to resolve issue Mac not working properly –

· Press the power button until the computer is switched off , after some time press the power button to start the computer.


· Disconnect the USB attached and let the keyboard and mouse attached and one is also required to remove other attachments and then try to restart the Mac and if this helps to overcome the concern , one is then required to reconnect the devices removed and will be in the position to know which was creating the concern , if the Mac not working after update.


· If the concern still prevails then Start the Mac with the help of safe mode , if it starts successfully click on Apple menu hit on App store  click on updates and install the new updates and if Mac not working properly then one can opt for the other method


Try to overcome Mac not working after update with the help of Ethernet by taking the steps as follow –

· Restart the Mac with the help of recovery mode


· Click on disk utility and run the first aid for the initial hard drive


· At this point , one is required to restart the Mac again using Internet recovery mode which will indeed take some time


· One is required to install a new copy of Mac OS and it will take time to restart


· Log in and one will be required to follow on screen instructions


By taking the steps mentioned above one will be able to overcome the concern Mac not working after update and hence will be able to use the personal computer


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