Why my Snapchat is not working on my phone?

What to do when Snapchat is not working on phone?

With the introduction of smartphones, numerous amazing apps are developed by developers. Many apps are such that they helped the users to change the way people used to communicate in earlier times. Nowadays the apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat are very popular, mostly among the youth. Snapchat is such an amazing app in smartphones. It does not allow the users to send texts but multiple face filters can also be used.

Fix Snapchat not working problem

No matter how hard the software developers work to develop an app, being a software, it always includes bugs and issues. The users of Snapchat have reported many issues such as Snapchat failed to send, Snapchat not refreshing, Snapchat has stopped, etc. To resolve the issue of Snapchat not working, a user can follow the fixes mentioned below:

Check internet connection: In Snapchat issues, the first thing that needs to be checked is internet connectivity. The app should have all the permissions for internet access. To check it:

  • Go to Settings, then Apps and after that Snapchat.
  • Check for the app’s info and its permissions.
  • Check the internet connectivity.

Close and restart Snapchat: the user can forcefully close the app when Snapchat not working issue is there. Sometimes, the apps get corrupted which needs to be reset. Open it again and check the functionality.

Restart the smartphone: Due to corrupted code in the operating system, the user needs to restart it. Restarting might resolve the issue

Re-login to Snapchat: If the above fixes do not work, try signing in to the account again.

So, these are the possible fixes for the snapchat not working.

What to do if Snapchat is not working on phone?

If the issue of Snapchat not working on my phone is there, a user can try the below-mentioned fixes as it resolves the issue:

  • Clear app data
  • Ensure Snapchat has the latest version
  • Delete the app and reinstall it
  • Turn airplane mode off and on
  • Log out and sign-in again to Snapchat
  • Clear Snapchat cache
  • Change storage location
  • Reset the phone

If there is still the issue of Snapchat not working while mobile data is on, check the app permissions to access the internet. If it is still not working, then the user can contact the technical support team of Snapchat. The services are available on the app itself. The contact details can be used from the app or the internet.



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